Mallorca Jumeirah Port Sóller Hotel 910,000 won deluxe ocean view review

I think a lot of people come here for their honeymoon.
I am sharing my review with Nopasim.

I knew about the outdated interior, but
(There is a strong mold smell)
I booked a 2-night stay for a trip to Soer…

Photos provided by the accommodation platform
The discrepancy between the actual deluxe ocean view is quite severe.

Below are the photos provided​

​This is a deluxe ocean view room for which we actually paid 910,000 won per night.Let alone the large windows, the front is a promenade, so people walking
Eye contact is possible every time 🙂
(If you are planning a honeymoon or couple trip, there is absolutely no level of privacy you would expect haha)

Putting aside comparisons with other 5-star hotels (Belmond, Cabermel) that I have stayed at before, this is a view that makes me question whether this is really an ocean view…

What if you went on a honeymoon after a long flight from Korea?
I think I’d be even more angry if I thought this was where I arrived.

If you are considering this place for your honeymoon, I think the mountain view would be better than the deluxe ocean view.

Everyone, choose wisely!

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