Milan travel review (+ Milan out Malpensa Airport, Incheon International Airport shower room)

Day 1Venice -> MilanI am traveling on a Trenitalia that I booked in advance in Korea.

Arrival at Milan Centrale Station!It’s so grand when you come out.

And the air quality is starting to get a bit worse.

The smell of a dog here and there (maybe a different species.

)And in front of the station, which looks the most dangerous ever (okay during the day)​I went there with my younger brother, so there weren’t any people who came and started a fight, but it’s a bit dangerous for two women to go around at night, so be careful.

I am telling you the reality, not racism.

When you come out, there are guys selling selfie sticks and toys, but these guys are just harmless, black people or grumpy white people hanging out in small groups.

If you see it, avoid it even if you have to turn around.

When I see him at night, he talks to me like I’m the world’s biggest bully and giggles for no reason.

Fast pace, determination to never make eye contact, and I only speak Korean!.

The accommodation is IH Hotel Economy Twin Room, 3 minutes from the station.

After passing one of the bars, check in (2 o’clock) and enter the room.

The staff were generally friendly, and the man with black beard and black hair was especially sweet.

​Luggage storage is available before and after check-in and check-out (free when used after check-out).

The restroom in the lobby is clean and the chairs are comfortable.

The condition of the accommodation is not good as it is the lowest grade.

It’s a great view directly overlooking Milan Central Station.

And the bed is very comfortable…I stayed one night and had a great sleep 🍯The bathroom is clean and hot water works well.

There seems to be a bit of a smell throughout the room, but it’s not a problem to stay in.

​We didn’t have any towels, so we told the counter and they were so sorry 🙂 If you don’t have anything, ask for it at the counter right away.

For your information, there were no slippers, so I just wore what I brought.

​It was nice to sleep at the hotel because it was the last day.

Now I’m going to the Duomo and the shopping mall that everyone goes to.

Walk 3 minutes to the station and take line 3 towards SanDonato and get off at Duomo station.

​The subway is great!.

One-time ticket (valid for 90 minutes) One-day ticket (valid for 24 hours)I bought a one-day pass and rode it 6 times.

(Go to Duomo, then to accommodation, eataly, then to accommodation, then move again the next day)​I think a one-time ticket was about 2 euros.

A 1-day pass costs 7.

6 euros, so if you plan to ride more than 4 times in 24 hours, you should definitely get a 1-day pass.

Be careful because a lot of people get off at Duomo Station.

Be careful with your belongings even on the subway!We visited the wonderful Duomo, ate gelato at Venchi, and visited the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery.

It’s so gorgeous + majestic + complex Wow….

Country rat lolAll kinds of luxury stores are gathered together.

There are a lot of people taking pictures and I feel bad about buying something here.

There was also a foreign man who asked us to take a picture.

You looked happy​​however!It may vary depending on the time of year, but many people go to Milan to shop for luxury goods.

I thought I would shop at the Vittorio Gallery, but there wasn’t a single item I wanted.

So, while browsing the blog, I discovered that there is another luxury street just 5 minutes walk above the gallery!Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes are all available.

Hermes is not in Vittorio.

Gucci definitely has more products, so I got them all here.

Prada is also very kind, the gentleman said he wouldn’t do anything to me.

Give me cola and champagneAnd Louis Vuitton didn’t have the item I wanted in Milan, so I tried to buy the next best option, but they didn’t have the right size in stock, so they told me to go to the Rinacente department store right next door.

Go straight to Rina Center again hahaha.

So I bought everyone’s gifts.

(I don’t have any of mine🥹.

View of the Duomo in the evening on the way backSince it’s dangerous, I leave my precious gifts at my accommodation and come back.

I wanted to eat carbonara for dinner last, so I ordered seafood risotto and tiramisu for dessert. It’s a bit salty, but it’s delicious.

Seafood, really plump, carbonara, salty and spicy tiramisu just disappeared haha

And on this day, whether it was a Euro Cup qualifier or not, England vs. Italy, Italy vs. England was broadcast live, so everyone gathered together and watched it. LOL Son Heung-min’s ex-lover Kane also appeared, but the atmosphere was a little gloomy because they lost. Soccer day in Italy It would be a fun experience to go to a bar in another country and see it together!.

And as soon as you enter Eataly, which is very large and runs until late at night, it’s too big, so what should you do?

I have to use my brain to figure out what to buy. Fortunately, I went with the intention of buying a large eco-bag, truffle oil, and salt. ^^ There are so many things to check out quickly. Come check it out! ​And I’m afraid my luggage will exceed the weight. If you’re putting it in a plastic bag or another bag and haven’t prepared it, here’s a big eco bag that looks really good (it even has a zipper). I recommend it!

return home.

It’s a night flight, but I’ll prepare a Malpensa Express ticket in advance for departure in the evening.

​There were not as many detailed reviews about Milan Out as I expected, so I wrote in detail about purchasing tickets and boarding the train, which I was curious and confused about.

​You can purchase it in advance on the website! But I kept getting errors on the website, so I just went to the station.

Milan Central Station is very big, so I recommend purchasing it in advance. It’s very difficult to carry a large suitcase later. Other people bought tickets at the Malpensa Express ticket machine, but I couldn’t figure it out, so I wandered around and saw the man next to me at the Trenitalia machine. He told me to do it haha.


Enter Malpensa and click (regardless of 1 or 2, they all seem to be the same).

Click because it’s the right way.

I don’t think it matters what time you click (some people seem to ride faster).

Pay using a contactless card or a regular card.

Physical ticket received. It is 13 euros. Come to the station 20 minutes before and keep checking the electronic display. It will appear at least 10 minutes before. It will be platform number 1. You can go right in as soon as it appears. There are a lot of people who have already entered. Go to the far left and continue forward~~~ ~|If you go, you will come to platforms 1 and 2. Before going to the airport, eat a Five Guys hamburger at the station, have a drink at Pas Gucci across from the station, and finally buy a magnet in front of the station. Take the train and leave for the airport! There are many stops along the way, and finally, the terminal. 1->Go to Terminal 2!.

You have to get a tax refund first, so you have to go to window number 12 to process it through two companies: Global Blue and Planet.

-Global Blue (Santa Maria Novella, Prada, Louis Vuitton)-Planet (Gucci)​Global Blue has separate general counters and kiosks, so you can process whatever you want. It was too annoying so I used a kiosk.

Language selection: Korean is available, so it’s very convenient. All I have to do is scan my passport and enter my ticket number, and my entire history will pop up, so I don’t even have to take out my documents… ?Insert your card to receive a refund or receive a contactless receipt confirmation and you’re done! Wow, it’s easy! ​And next time, there is no Planet Kiosk, so you have to get it at the general counter. I didn’t ask to show the items separately. They take care of all the documents, so this is also convenient! ***Tax refund is available 4 hours before departure time! Kiosk The flight left exactly 4 hours ago on time, so I had to wait a bit! Haha, and I immediately lined up and sent my checked baggage (I was nervous that it would exceed 23 kg, but it was 21 kg lol). Before going to the duty-free shop, I did a body check, checked my baggage, had a quick tour of the duty-free shop (I didn’t miss a single one), and went through immigration (I was sent through automatic immigration). ) I arrived so quickly that there were almost no people. And the long-awaited stupid anecdote is that I can’t communicate in both English and Italian, so I can’t communicate at all. Since it’s a night flight, I feel like washing up before leaving, but I used the lounge. It is not a possible level and there is no pp card… So I searched hard and read a blog and saw an article about the premium lounge at Malpensa Airport that you can pay to use even without a pp card.

On the way to the train, I saw that there was no Wi-Fi, and it kept disconnecting due to the data tunnel.

ㅠ If you make a reservation in advance on the Malpensa Airport website, you can use it for 2 hours for about 63 euros, so I desperately tried but failed… If you went and bought it in person, it was 79 euros.

??I was thinking of burning 100,000 won for the lounge as soon as I went to the preferred circuit, but in the end, I couldn’t use the premium lounge. They showed me the x banner of the available airlines in front of the lounge, but the staff said that only Montale Lounge was available (Korean Air passenger) I’ve never used the lounge before, so I don’t know how to use it, but please do your research in advance and just use your PP card. Haha. ​And the next best option I found: There is Motta Restaurant and a cafe near Gate 58, but the restaurant’s menu was too burdensome, so I chose the cafe, everyone. Capri Sandwich. I recommend it.

They give it to you after grilling it, and it’s really delicious. And if you can get some small water from the duty-free area, buy some water. There’s only too big water in the cafe. There are a lot of small drinks, but I wanted to drink water, so I had no choice but to buy this. Then, I went back to the seat in front of the gate and sat down. .

Outlets are important. They are important. You can’t live without them. There are both USB ports and regular outlets under the armrests of each seat! I’ll rest here and charge before boarding the plane.

​I can’t believe I’m going back to Korea again :). A trip to Italy where I met only great people, was happy, and loved every moment of it.

10 years ago, when I went to Barcelona and saw the Sagrada Familia, I cried while paragliding while looking down at the Blue Lagoon in Turkey. I wondered if I would ever cry again after seeing such a wonderful sight in the future, but while traveling in Italy for about 12 days, I didn’t have many moments that made me cry. Thinking of my family, even the moments I didn’t say anything for fear of crying because of the overwhelming emotions. It was a truly beautiful and friendly country.

​Lastly, here are some tips to make your trip to Italy more enjoyable: Greet with a smile first.

​AM~PM: Chao!Bon Giorno^^Late afternoon ~ evening: Buona Serra~^^When leaving or immediately after checkout.

: That’s right, Chao!While eating, if you make eye contact with a staff member or ask how it is: Buono!!!!!​Just like this, you can have a truly happy trip!​Have a nice trip everyone! :)​+++ Add review written after coming from Milan and coming from Incheon(Incheon Airport shower facilities)​I’m a fat person, so it’s very difficult for me to go home without an airport limousine.

ㅠ If the flight departed at 10 PM, it was scheduled to arrive in Korea at 4:30 PM.

The last airport limousine arrived at 6 o’clock and I had already made reservations.

But what is this.

There is no notice of a 30-minute departure delay for the flight.

Still, I thought I would be able to go through the immigration process, find my suitcase, and voluntarily declare customs duties, but Osan, Gyeonggi-do.

🥹​Landing at 5:10 and getting off in 23 minutes.

The place where I got off was so far away that I ran a lot and got there.

The suitcase actually came out after waiting for over 10 minutes.

I had to go to the bathroom before getting on the bus.

Another 10 minutes to voluntarily declare customs duties.

I canceled my reservation (fee was 10,000 won).

​I was sweating so much that I wanted to take a shower.

In that case, go to the right side of the first basement level of Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 and go to Spa On Air.

I got off at Terminal 2 and took the shuttle to Terminal 1 for about 20 minutes.

2-hour shower 10,000 won (shampoo and sea wash are provided; there is a private shower room in the bathroom); dryer and fan provided; towels provided as well.

People who are in a hurry can purchase foam cleansing and other items from a vending machine.

The world felt comfortable.

If you, like me, want to take a quick shower after returning home, give it a try.

We also store all your suitcases (one is free)​​​.