Budapest hotel recommendation, Hungary (anantara newyork palace budapest hotel)

I am leaving a review because it is the best hotel I have ever been to (including the suite room at Lotte Hotel Main Branch).
It was 50,000 times better than the famous Brighton Hotel in Paris where we went on our honeymoon!
First of all, I booked both early and got cheaper than usual price, and both are basic rooms (Paris Brighton 4-star 30 per night / Budapest Anantara 5-star 20 per night)

1. Very kind.
2. Room condition is good.
3. It is said that the European heating system was in chaos due to the Russian War. The heating system was hot even in the middle of winter.
4. The New York Cafe is the place to have breakfast. (You don’t have to go to the New York Cafe. It’s the same place and the same coffee. In other words, it’s the same building as the New York Cafe.)
5. 10-20 minutes walk to most places
6. Even if you turn off all the lights, when you step on the floor when going to the bathroom in the early morning, the light in the bathroom sink turns on automatically (motion sensor light).
7. The amenities are Aqua Di Parma (Paris Brighton is not a motel, so they had two large containers that were constantly refilled..)
8. Towels are abundantly provided with 2 handkerchiefs, 2 small towels, 3 large towels, and 1-2 water towels.
(I keep comparing, but Brighton has 2 towels)
9. There are as many as 5 elevators.
10. Free swimming pool in the hotel/sauna available
11. There are a lot of cafes, restaurants, bars, currency exchange shops, and supermarkets nearby.
12. This is a minor thing, but I change the fresh flowers in the bathroom every day. They are lilies, so they are a natural air freshener ㅜㅜㅜ👍
13. The room size is large as if it is not a basic room.
14. The bathtub function(?) is also very good.

The only downside is that it is located inside the building, so you can’t see the view of the House of Representatives, Sechen Bridge, and Buda Castle, so it may be disappointing for short-term travelers of 1-2 nights.
There is a deposit of 80,000 forint (approximately 400,000 won), but if you do not eat anything after checking the refrigerator on the last day, a refund will be issued at check-out.

It’s a shame that it’s less well-known among Koreans than Hilton Hotel and InterContinental, so let’s share it!
​It looks really nice

​This is a breakfast taken from Google, and it looks exactly like this!
The staff even brings desserts and drinks!👍

​The basic room is like this, but the terrace room or larger rooms would be nicer.
Especially recommended for honeymoon⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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