[London] Sonder the voyage Paddington




Accommodation name:
Sonder the voyage
Number of stays: 2023.10.07 ~ 2023.10.11

Location (How to get there):
5 minutes walk from Paddington Station

210,000 won per night

Meals and cooking:
No breakfast.

Availability of a bathroom (shower room):
There is both a shower room and a toilet, but the sink is outside the bathroom.


Facilities and cleanliness:
B (It was clean, but there was a bit of a sewer smell when I first entered the room. Since it didn’t come out after a day’s shower, I think it was because it wasn’t used for a long time.

Internal rules:

Friendliness of the staff:
A (There is no lift here… I had to walk up to the 3rd floor, but the staff lifted my heaviest suitcase up to the 3rd floor. I was confused because there was no lift, but it was good that they responded, and even when I went to get a towel, they responded with a smile. .)

Surrounding environment:
A (It is good to be within walking distance from Paddington Station, and there are many restaurants nearby (lots of restaurants and supermarkets, including Turkish, Italian, Angus steak, etc.)

Advantages :
As mentioned above, there are many restaurants and supermarkets, and it is very convenient to get from Heathrow to Paddington Station.
The bus stop is also a 3-minute walk away, making it very convenient to get around.

disadvantage :
Even though it is narrow, it is too narrow.
I think it would be great for a single traveler as there is just enough space to spread out a suitcase, but it is also possible for two people.

Who would like this accommodation?
Best suited for solo travelers and business travelers.
Best if you don’t want to travel a lot from the airport.
How would you rate it?
B (Everything is really good, but too narrow)

I found it while looking for cheap accommodation, but there were no Korean reviews on Google and I couldn’t find it on Yurang, so I was worried, but overall I was satisfied.
I think it would be difficult to find a location near Paddington for that price in London.
First of all, the location was the best (accessible from Heathrow to Paddington Station by Elizabeth Line, 5 minutes walk from Paddington Station)

There are many places to eat near the accommodation, such as Angus steak, bagel restaurant, pasta restaurant, Turkish restaurant, Pil grim, and Mammoth Coffee, so there are many places to eat for breakfast and dinner.
There is also a supermarket right in front of the hotel, and there are Boots and C within Paddington Station, making it great for buying daily necessities and groceries.
Additionally, Paddington Station and the bus stop are a 3-minute walk away, making it very convenient to travel to tourist attractions.

However, there was no lift and the stairs were narrow, so it was difficult to carry the suitcase.
The staff helped me when I entered the room, so it was easy, but it was difficult when I left the room.
Also, the room condition was good, but it was really narrow.
If you open a suitcase, you can’t even open the door.

Except for the fact that the room is too small, it is really good value for money.
Aside from the shortcomings mentioned above, this is a recommended accommodation.

If you’re worried because there aren’t any reviews, I think you’ll be satisfied if you go!

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