Italy travel review 3-2 – Positano (last)

hello,I couldn’t go to work for a few days due to a cold, so I was able to finish the last episode today.

​Day 2,I wonder if we have adapted to the local time zone now.

We always woke up at 5 or 6 o’clock.

Today I woke up around 7:30 to 8 when I heard my alarm go off.

Actually, it’s not that late, but for us who started our days early the past few days,I felt like I started the day very late.

​As there was news of a typhoon the day before, the sound of wind and rain was no joke in the early morning.

When I travel with my wife, we are always lucky with the weather, but she was sad that her luck seemed to have ended.

Still, the rain was so beautiful that we opened the windows wide and watched the rain fall.

Preparations have begun!​After getting ready and having breakfast, I left the house and started walking.

Luckily, the rain stopped the moment I got out.

Even from afar, they are starting to welcome us!​.


​I went to have breakfast at a cafe called Poside, which my wife chose after searching diligently.

The staff were very friendly and since it was a tourist destination, we tried not to take up too much space.

I sat at a table for two, but they added another table so I could sit wider!There was an employee named Antonio who was mentioned a lot in Google reviews, and he was really nice and gentle.

You made us happy!​I was planning on just having coffee and a panini, but since there were no people and it was quiet, I thought it would be okay to order the lunch menu.

I ordered seafood stew and pumpkin pasta on recommendation.

We were really looking forward to it because it was a new menu and not something we used to eat all the time.

Our day started with coffee.

It started with a spritz and I got even more excited.

​The food that came out after waiting was really good and the seasoning wasn’t too strong, which was nice.

After eating, I ordered coffee and dessert, and the cappuccino I drank here was better than the cappuccino I drank anywhere in Rome or Florence.

It was the best.

The steaming condition is perfect and even the foam thickness and texture are perfect.

!I’ve been to all three major coffee shops in Rome, but if you’re looking for cappuccino instead of espresso, be sure to try it here.

​After enjoying the dessert so much, I started heading down to the beach to buy some lemon candy and look at the sea.

I visited the cathedral, and wandered around looking for and tasting candies that were not available at Olive Young (very sour steamed lemons.

!)I feel good watching children playing in front of the beach.

I came here to have a beer.



​People watching and a cold beer.

Everyone was enjoying it so much that it was a shame to worry about whether it was okay to drink it this early.

​I took a picture in front of the beach and asked another couple to take a picture of me too.

Since I had to leave the country the next day, I thought I needed some rest, so I bought a bottle of wine and went back to my accommodation!​A rainbow can be seen when you arrive in front of the accommodation!.


I enjoyed seeing the rainbow, played a movie related to Italy on my iPad at my accommodation, and drank a bottle of wine and relaxed!​​While wondering where to have dinner, I found a restaurant called Next and visited it.

It’s closed because it’s the off-season ㅠㅠ.

We headed back to Vincenzo!I felt this while coming, but we always try to eat more delicious food before coming to Vincenzo.

He went somewhere else, made a fuss, and came back.

​Today, I said hello to the friendly staff, sat down, and ordered several dishes.

We ended the evening happily!​Then, we returned to the accommodation, did some final cleaning, and ended the night!​Day 3,When we returned today, we had a lot of worries about how to get there.

I was worried about whether I would be able to make it on time for my flight to go back the route I came from.

Above all, it seemed like it would be difficult, so I decided to take a taxi from Positano to Naples!The price was 120 euros, but it was enough to invest for comfort.

Because I had to go back to work the next day after arriving in Korea.

!​I spoke to the Airbnb host and asked if he could arrange a taxi for me.

When we looked up the quote online, it was around 140 to 160 euros.

They said they could call me for 120 euros, so I happily said okay!​When I packed my bags and left in the morning, the host came to see me off!And he gave us as a gift the Positano magnet we had been planning to buy when we went out in the morning!“I hope you don’t forget Positano while watching this.


it’s a small gift, but it’s a big emotion for us ㅠㅠ!​After receiving the gift and saying goodbye, I took a taxi from Positano to Naples.

As I moved, I saw a rainbow in the distance and Sorrento.

(Sorrento was really pretty)We arrived in Naples while enjoying the sea view, and we immediately took the train to Rome!​Transfer to the airport train at Rome Termini and go to the airport!My wife had to go to England to see her younger brother and I had to return to Korea.

We keep our time zones as similar as possible so we can be together at the airport and finish shopping for gifts for adults.

!​My wife said she was very worried about going to England without me, but.

When I actually went boarding, I was very cheerful and excited haha;I see;I also returned from my one week of free time in Korea with a bright smile.

​**There were a lot of movies I liked on the flight back, so.

I was disappointed that the flight time seemed insufficient to see all of this.

I fell asleep as soon as I turned on the Harry Potter series and woke up only when I arrived in Korea haha.

;**​​Thank you to everyone who read!​.