London Citadines Trafalgar

I booked a studio room for 250,000 won per night two weeks before staying.
Looking at the price list in the lobby, the cheapest price seems to be 200,000 won.
They say 250,000 won is the average price.
Of course, it will be more expensive during peak season.
​They said they chose Citadines because they saw a lot of reviews saying the hotel was small.
Although it is small, it is not cramped.The dishwasher doesn’t work well, so I do it by hand.
You have to turn on the induction electricity on the wall to use it.The dining table was large, so I used it well for eating and working.
It’s as big as half a bed.There are cooking utensils, but there are two plates, cups and forks.It’s nice because the floor is hardwood, but it’s noisy if you drop something on it. The biggest drawback is that you can hear the noise from the room next door.
The side where the bed is is not a wall, but seems to be between a piece of plywood.

Good amenities!!There is a laundry room on the M floor.
Install the wewash app, register your card, and get 5 pounds of laundry and 4 pounds of dryer.
We only make drum washing machines for babies in Korea.
The time required was 30 minutes/70 minutes, so it was very convenient because you could check how many minutes had passed by installing the app.
By the way, I looked for detergent for a while and it was automatically added ^^

They only have a coffee machine in the lobby in the morning and it tastes good.
There are many different types.

Location is 5 stars!
There are two subway stations within 5 minutes (on the same line) and Coupe is also 5 minutes away, so it was great to buy ingredients.
You can walk to most tourist attractions and the location is good.

Uber from Heathrow Airport costs £58.
It’s a busy time (3-5 o’clock children’s pick-up time)
I gained 70 pounds.
Besides, the driver came and said he couldn’t find where he was ;;
Be sure to take a look at the exterior photos before you go.
It’s on the main street.

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