Italy Rome/Milan travel/accommodation reviews and quick tips

I went on a trip to Italy with my mother for about 10 days at the end of October.

While preparing, I received a lot of help from Yurang, so I am writing this in the hope that it may be a small review and help.


I was in Milan for 3 days.

Actually, I didn’t see anything other than the Duomo, but it seems like a good city for shopping.

On the first day, I went shopping at the Serebale Outlet, but there weren’t any Prada/Gucci products that I liked as much as I expected, and most of them were outlet models or there weren’t that many products.

Tod’s was cheap so I bought shoes and bags and looked around for other things, but it didn’t take as long as I thought ^^;;I booked a shuttle bus in Korea and went there, and when I left, the shuttle was almost full.

Some travelers tried to purchase the shuttle bus on site, but it seemed like they were unable to do so because it was full.

– I think Prada is definitely cheaper at the duty-free shop in Rome.

If you go out of Rome, it might be better to buy Prada at the airport duty-free shop.


It is important to check your Milan metro public transportation tickets – especially the Duomo metro station!The Duomo subway station certainly has a huge number of tourists, so employees stand guard inside the subway station and do all the ticket checking.

I issued a ticket through the app, but I was fined because I wasn’t able to varify properly.

ㅠㅠThey will never look at it, so check carefully!​3.

Italo Prima seat recommendation- I booked a reservation in Korea and heard that the seat was spacious and I could leave my luggage, so I deliberately reserved a Prima seat even though it was expensive.

The 28-inch carrier was a bit large to fit under the seat (it was possible, but it was too much for two), but the 26-inch carrier was possible without any problems.

The seat next to us was empty, so we left all our luggage in our seat and sat down with one other person, and then went to sit in the empty seat.

The staff didn’t say anything when they saw it, and simple snacks and water/coffee were provided.

There was also a restroom in the train, so it was convenient.

If you want to go without worrying about losing your luggage, we recommend Prima seats.


Accommodation:Milan) Korean B&B (La Dolcecaza) – I made a reservation through My Real Trip and was very satisfied.

First of all, it is a Korean bed and breakfast that can accommodate a maximum of 2 people.

It is a duplex structure, so the owner lives on the first floor, and the second floor is divided into rooms for guests.

It was nice that there was a separate toilet/shower room on the second floor and a large room, so we could be alone without being disturbed.

It took about 20 minutes by tram to Milan Duomo and about 30 minutes by bus to Central Station, but I didn’t feel any major inconvenience because I could get there in one go without having to transfer.

Breakfast is included, but it comes in Western style and is really delicious.

The accommodation is in a residential area, so it’s really quiet at night and I didn’t feel it was too dangerous.

I really recommend it to anyone going to Milan.

​Rome) Hotel Diocletiano – I was satisfied.

First of all, the price was reasonable, the accommodation was very clean, and the staff were really friendly.

When I looked at the reviews, I was worried because there were stories about the occasional sewage smell or the room smelling, but there was no smell at all.

First of all, although the room was carpeted, it was really clean without dust, so I had a good rest.

And the staff are really friendly.

very friendly.

I left my luggage with them when I went on a 2-day, 1-night southern tour, and when I checked out, they told me first that I could leave my luggage at any time.

It was comfortable to have slippers and an electric kettle in the hotel, and there was shampoo/body shower, but I didn’t use them separately and used what I brought with me.

The location is close to Termini, but I didn’t feel that security was particularly bad because it was close to a major road, and it was convenient because it was close to the meeting point when going on tour.

It was about a 20-minute walk to the Colosseum, so I walked to see it, and took a taxi to the Vatican.

The taxi fare was around 16-18 euros (I went with the meter turned on, so it may vary depending on the traffic situation that day).


Taxi app – IT taxiWhen I searched here and there, I heard that this app is a taxi app managed by the Italian state, but I’m not sure if it’s real.

I used it in both Milan and Rome and it worked really well.

The owner of a Korean bed and breakfast in Milan even downloaded an app after hearing the taxi fare and said it was a very reasonable price.

There was no rip-off in Rome either, and you can make a reservation for the next day.

The reservation went really well, and I found a taxi as well.

I didn’t use the FreeNow app because it wasn’t authenticated, so I used this app, and I recommend it.

Card/cash payment is both possible.


If you are going on the Southern Tour/Tuscany Tour and are prone to motion sickness, take motion sickness medication.

The road is more winding than I thought, and especially since the Tuscany tour took a minibus, I got carsick more easily than I thought.

I suffered a little from motion sickness on the way back from Tuscany.

If you are taking a boat on the Southern Tour, high waves can cause severe motion sickness, so if you are prone to motion sickness, be sure to take it with you.


RestaurantI was worried because I heard that Italian restaurant food is salty, but everywhere I went it was not salty and delicious.

First of all, if you go to a place with a Google rating of 4.

5 or higher, the taste is usually good.

Milan)- Osteria da Flavio Ristorante a Milano: The staff is really friendly.

The pasta was delicious and the noodles had a good texture as they were raw, and this is a place where you can eat ossobuco, a traditional Milanese dish.

– Da zero: This is a Neapolitan-style pizza restaurant.

I know it’s a southern Italian chain, and I heard it’s a local restaurant, and the pizza is really delicious.

If you go during peak lunch hours, there may be a wait.

Rome)- La degusteria del principle: If you are staying near Termini, it would be a good idea to walk there.

I had pasta and lasagna and it was really delicious.

It wasn’t salty and the seasoning was just right.

The staff are also really friendly and nice.

– Korean Restaurant Gain: I highly recommend it if you are craving Korean food.

Haha, it tastes the same as eating in Korea.


Colosseum Underground Tour – Guided TourWhen entering, we check your passport and ticket name.

Please be sure to prepare well as the checks will be more thorough than you think.

Check the names of your companions as well.

You can enter according to the admission time, and the tour starts 15 minutes after the indicated time.

(For example, if you enter at 12:15, you can enter at 15 minutes, and the tour starts at 30 minutes)When you enter, you will be informed of the meeting point, and if you wait there, a guide will come.

The problem is.

I thought there was only an English tour, but there was also an Italian tour.

I had applied for an Italian tour time without realizing it.

ㅠㅠㅠ Obviously, there was no language option when making a reservation, but it seems to vary depending on the time zone.

Be sure to check it out!According to the guiding staff, you could tell by the sign at the end of the above ticket that time changes were not possible.


It seemed like it took about 30-40 minutes to tour the underground and arena, and after that, the above ground area was free to view.

I think it would be nice to be able to see the basement at least once.


Beware of pickpocketsFortunately, my mother and I had a great time without any risk of pickpockets.

She carried a sling bag that was worn in the front and my mother just wore a crossbody bag, but she always carried the bag in the front and with a padlock on it.

I was lazy with locks, so I attached a key ring hook and hung both zipper hooks at once when locking.

This is what I heard from the guide during the tour, and it is said that the door side is the most dangerous when riding a bus or subway.

It is said that pickpockets are always waiting at the door to try to pick them up so they can run away right away.

When using public transportation, it would be better to sit down or use it inside if that is difficult.

​I hope you all take care and have a nice trip.