How to get to the statue of Father Kim Dae-geon at St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican

Two months ago, I went to St.

Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican after hearing the news that a statue of Father Kim Dae-geon had been installed.

Although I am not a Catholic, I still know about Father Kim Dae-geon, and as a Korean, I felt like I had to go there!​But when I actually got there, I got a little lost because I didn’t know where the icon was.

I’m telling you, don’t get lost like I did.

There are two ways:​[1] Turn right at the entrance to St.

Peter’s Basilica​There are several doors in the cathedral, but the only one you can enter is the one in the center.

Other doors are used as exits.

Before entering the cathedral, if you look to the right, there is a fence blocking the path (it is not locked).

(1) If there is no security around, just push the fence to open and enter, or (2) if there is security, ask for permission and enter.


​*I went in when the fence was open because there were people coming to the center of the cathedral from the other side.

​[2] Visit the Vatican Grottoes under St.

Peter’s Basilica and leave.

​In the basement of St.

Peter’s Basilica, there are tombs of past popes and major figures, and there is a holy statue on the right side of the exit when you come out of the tomb.

Visiting the cemetery is free andthe entrance is located near the altar(is that correct?) inside the cathedral.


It doesn’t take long, so if you go to the Vatican, be sure to see it!The sight of you wearing a hat and dopo is very cool :).