Hotel Saray in Granada, Spain

From November 16th to November 19th, I stayed in a triple room for 329 euros for 4 days and 3 nights and had breakfast only once (about 14 euros per person? 10% discount for staying guests) 3 single beds and a bathroom with a bathtub (all bathrooms were spacious). Yes) The room was spacious too.
This hotel is outside the city center of Granada, but it’s not far from the city center. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to walk to the Alhambra Palace.
Because it was a completely uphill road, the employee laughed and said he would never walk it haha.
It cost 10 euros by taxi.
At first, I took a taxi because I didn’t know the way, but even if I walked, it was generally a 10-minute walk. There were a lot of one-way roads, so taxis were difficult to get to. Still, I recommend taking a taxi because the road to the Alhambra Palace or the observatory is uphill.

The interior of this hotel is a bit unusual for Spain, perhaps due to its Islamic style, but it’s still pretty.
There is a gym at the entrance of the hotel, and I was shocked when I went up to see a handsome Arab-looking man with his shirt off.
During the day, there are fountains here and there and it’s pretty. I think it would be even better in the summer (there’s a swimming pool, too).
I was very concerned about bed bugs, but there wasn’t a single problem in any of the hotels I stayed in.
We rented a car in Alicante and went to Granada, but deliberately chose a place outside of the city center. The hotel has its own underground parking lot, but there is a parking fee of 19 euros per day. However, it seemed like you could park your car as you please. It’s all street parking. It was like this
The surrounding area is all residential, so there is a supermarket nearby so you can buy some water.
The breakfast wasn’t that great, so in the morning we walked to the city center and there were a lot of places to eat breakfast, so we just ate wherever we could find it and it was really delicious. They say they make really good churros too ^^
I was fine and had a good time in Granada at a decent price. I ate somewhere else.
On the Alhambra Palace tour (guided tour including bus fare for 3 days and 2 nights), it is better to just take a guided tour (since it is very inconvenient to change to a bus card). Bus fare can be paid in cash. The Alhambra Palace is renovated every 25 years, but they say it takes 15 years. Ugh.
Nasrid Palace and Henner Relief? The garden is really pretty.

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