Free entry to Alcazar of Seville

Free admission to the Alcazar of Seville is available on Mondays at 4:00 and 4:30 pm starting in October (winter season).

Although it is free, you must make a reservation in advance.

A fee of 1 euro per person is charged when making a reservation.

Still, there is an advantage to being able to enter for 1 euro.

I had been to the Alhambra in Granada and the Alcazar in Segovia, so I thought it would be similar.

However, that was a hasty idea.

My short opinion is that the Alcazar of Segovia and the Alcazar of Seville have a really different feel.

A place where both of these styles are permeated is like the Alhambra in Granada (this is purely my personal opinion).

When I went to the Alcázar, the place Google told me was near the exit.

There was a plaza with a large orange tree near the exit, so I waited there without even thinking about the entrance time and found out that the entrance was to the right of where we entered.

When I went out, a long line stretched out in front of me.

The line to get in did not shrink quickly.

To enter, passports and admission tickets were inspected.

You can purchase an audio guide app at the entrance, it costs 6 euros.

This 6 euros only covers the installation of the app and does not provide earphones.

It would be a good idea to prepare earphones.

I wanted to go sightseeing while listening to an audio app because I didn’t have basic knowledge, but unlike other places, each place had a number so I couldn’t listen to it.

The downside was that I had to find the place I was going to and listen to each place.

At first, I listened to find out where I was going.

but then I stopped.

I decided to experience Alcazar only with my eyes and mind.

The Alcazar was so beautiful that you could admire it and enjoy it even without any knowledge.

While visiting the Alcazar, there was a cafe near the garden near the exit point, and as the closing time for the tour approached, I saw employees cleaning up the place.

I was so jealous of them.

They felt the changes in nature every day and thought that they would be able to experience this beautiful nature every day.

If you come to Seville, be sure to stop by the Alcazar.

‘Seeing is worth seeing,’ and I find understanding through reading a bit boring.

However, I like seeing things on site and hearing explanations (even though I forget things while listening).

So I feel happy filling my life with traveling.

So, I feel happy today as I dream of traveling and reminisce about my travels.