Florence La Terraza sul Duomo review


Review of ‘La Terraza Sul Duomo’ in Florence.
I also saw it while traveling and the view was so pretty that I made a reservation.
Unlike other articles, there are some slightly negative(?) contents, so you may want to take note of this.

Accommodation photo
: I don’t take a separate photo, so I post it as the main photo on the homepage.Accommodation name:
Florence La Terraza sul Duomo

Number of stay days:

Location (how to get there):
Walk from Florence Station (the ground is uneven)

Approximately 160,000 won per night (total 321,616 won)

Meals and cooking:
Breakfast not included, cooking is unlikely to be possible.
However, a coffee pot is provided in the room.

Bathroom (shower):
There is a toilet/shower in the room.
There are some amenities.


Facilities and cleanliness:

Internal rule:
no smoking

Friendliness of staff:
English is reasonably good

Surrounding environment:
Good because it is in the middle of Florence.

Advantages :
1) Rooftop view
As you can see from the photos other people have taken and uploaded, the rooftop view is truly fantastic.
It was really pretty whether it was morning or night.
Photos of your life can really save you.
When taking pictures, you can go to the corner and sit down to take pictures.
There are tables and chairs when you go up, so you can just step on them and go up.

2) distance
Because it is right in front of the Duomo Cathedral, it is easy to go anywhere.
And it was really nice to see Florence Cathedral every time I entered the accommodation.

3) Warmth
On the first day I went to an Airbnb in Spain, I had a hard time sleeping because the air was so cold.
It was really the warmest here.
Of course, since the space is small, it will heat up quickly.
It was so warm that I even went to bed sweating some days.
There were times when I went on a trip and did laundry at the hotel and it didn’t dry properly.
Here, I even washed and dried things that were so dry that I didn’t need to wash them.

disadvantage :
1) Smell
As soon as I entered the building, haha… the bathroom really smelled really bad.
No matter how much I tried until I checked out, I couldn’t get used to it.

2) elevator
It is a manual(?) elevator that you can only get on by closing the three doors.
I have stayed in 5 accommodations in Spain and Italy, and this is the only one that has this elevator.
When I went to pick up my luggage, the elevator didn’t come down, so I went up to the top floor and looked.
One door was not closed.
If I hadn’t had a suitcase at the time, I would have made a mess of going up and coming down.

3) Absence of table
There are some things we didn’t see well ㅠㅠㅠ
There is no table.
So, even when I just eat something, I put a towel down and eat it in bed.
Or I put it on the right side of the bed and ate it.
Be sure to choose here!
Get a bigger room instead of an economy double room…ㅠㅠㅠ

4) towel
We stayed for a total of 2 days, and after unpacking our luggage, they said there would be no cleaning and just asked for new towels.
Then there were two people and they gave me only one?
Then they ask me to pay for one more towel.
When I looked embarrassed, he asked for 10 Agoda points and gave me an extra towel as if he was being considerate.
I’ve had this happen at other hotels too, but they gave us all the towels per person.
It was a bit absurd.

5) key
Why is it so difficult to open accommodations with keys, whether in Spain or Italy?
They said it was easy to open, but we really had to make a fuss to open it.
Fortunately, the door to enter at night was a card key, but…

Who would like this accommodation?
Those who want to take a lot of photos from the rooftop view / Those who want to stay in the center of Florence

How would you rate it?
Ah, it’s so difficult, but I don’t think I can give an A, maybe a B or a C?

That’s about as much as I remember.
If you have any questions, please ask in the comments.
But the rooftop view is truly the best.

I hope you get a nice room and enjoy everything…

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