Day 5 of my first European expedition (Granada -> Seville)

I feel like writing an overdue diary.

^^It’s the last day in Granada and the day we move to Seville.

​I wake up in the morning, pack my bags, go to a nearby bakery and buy croissants and sandwiches for breakfast.


Take the 12:00 Alsa bus from Granada Bus Terminal to Seville.

However, the bus does not come even after 12 o’clock.

And when I looked at the electronic display, the departure time had changed to 12:35.

However, when the bus did not arrive even after the changed time, I went to the information desk and asked if there would be a delay, and they said they did not know.



In the end, the bus departed about 50 minutes late.

Still, I was grateful that you came.

People here don’t seem to care much about delays.

If it were like Korea, the counter would have been a mess.

​So I arrived at Seville Terminal about an hour later than scheduled and moved to the hotel.


I went to a nearby coin laundry and did some laundry that had been overdue.

It was 5.

5 euros to wash and 3 euros to dry.

​And although it was a little far away, I wanted to go see a supermarket, so I went to Mercadona, looked around, and had dinner.

​It was a restaurant called La Bartola, and there were a lot of customers and the food was delicious.

I came in when there was no wait, but while I was eating, I ended up waiting outside.

I ordered tapa.

The price wasn’t expensive either.



​And after taking a walk around the neighborhood, I came back to my accommodation.

Although the accommodation was small, it was nice to be able to have coffee, tea, drinks, bread, etc.

freely on the first floor at any time.

​Then continue to the next episode.