Are you going to Malmo, Sweden?

If you are looking for a hotel located closest to Malmo Central Station…
Especially if you come by night train like me….
If you see this post…
I recommend just walking a little further and going straight to another hotel.
ㅜㅜ Please, please..

Arrive before midnight
When requesting local payment, saying that reservation confirmation is not possible (reservation can be confirmed by inquiring about the hotel through the reservation site)
Even two additional charges are not enough and the price is unreasonably high.
Off-season weekend price 370,000 won small town ‘motel’…^^

The room condition can never be called a hotel…

After a very, very difficult time, I arrived in Malmo alone late at night.
Because it was an unavoidable situation, I had no choice,
I should have just walked a little further and gone to another hotel, even if it meant dragging heavy luggage.
I hope you don’t regret it………….ㅎ

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