Accommodation Tips for a Perfect Trip in Shinjuku Odakyu Century Southern Tower Hotel 2023

Review of Shinjuku Odakyu Century Southern Tower Hotel

Accommodation Name (Rating): Century Southern Tower Hotel
Location: Shinjuku Station
Distance from Station: 5 minutes
Recommended Score: ★★★★★
Accommodation Type: Scenic Triple Room – Non-Smoking (Bed and Breakfast)
Accommodation Cost: $320 per night (3 adults, no breakfast)
Booking Website: Interpark Tour
Breakfast Included: Yes
Surrounding Atmosphere: The hotel is conveniently located near the station and offers breathtaking views.

Accommodation Name (Rating): Century Southern Cost: $320 per night

Overall Satisfaction: I could only book one night at this hotel because it was fully booked after that. I made my reservation for October, and while waiting, I checked and there were no available rooms. As I traveled with two middle school children, we stayed in a triple room with three adults. The check-in time was 2pm, and we arrived around 1:40pm, but the room was not ready yet. Although I requested a higher floor when making my reservation, I was offered the 30th floor instead of the highest floor, which I accepted. The view from the room was amazing. Additionally, Takashimaya Department Store and various restaurants in the NEWOMAN shopping mall were just a short walk away. There was also a convenience store on the hotel’s first floor. The hotel’s proximity to the bus terminal made it convenient for day trips to Gotemba Outlet or nearby destinations. The check-in was on the 20th floor, and we stayed on the 30th floor. Despite the slightly cloudy weather, the view from the room was fantastic. I felt so happy waking up and looking outside the window. The room itself was a twin room with an extra bed, so it felt a bit cramped. We could still open two large suitcases, though. The pajamas on the bed were very comfortable to wear.

Overall Satisfaction: I could onlyI made my reservation for

For breakfast, I heard that the window seats had a nice view. I sat near the entrance, but I noticed that the seats near the window were also nice. The breakfast was okay, but nothing special. I don’t think I will add breakfast next time. However, my children enjoyed the miso soup and salmon.

For breakfast, I heard thatI sat near the entrance,

There is a railway line below the hotel, so it’s fun to watch the passing trains. There is a Seven Eleven convenience store on the lower level of the hotel building, which was convenient for buying snacks, although it didn’t open late.

There is a railway lineThere is a Seven Eleven

To get to JR Yoyogi Station, you can take the staircase at the exit near the hotel’s Shang Shang store. From there, turn left to find the pathway leading to the station, which is about a 5-minute walk. I had a great time visiting the nearby convenience stores at night and enjoyed eating snacks. I wish I could go back to those happy times.

To get to JR YoyogiFrom there, turn left to

I highly recommend the pudding shown in the photos. If you see it, make sure to buy it as it can easily run out. Although I wished I could have stayed and enjoyed the night view throughout my entire trip, I could only stay for one night. Nevertheless, I have included this hotel in my list of places to stay for my next visit, as I personally find Shinjuku more familiar and convenient when visiting Tokyo. Plus, I chose this hotel because I heard it was a stop for the limousine bus. However, when I exchanged my ticket at Narita Airport, the staff informed me that the next bus would drop me off at the Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal, which was a 5-minute walk from the hotel. Fortunately, it was still close. I’m still a bit confused about this part as I might have misunderstood something.

I highly recommend the puddingIf you see it, make

(Note: The cost of the accommodation mentioned, 320,000 KRW, is approximately $287 USD.)

(Note: The cost of the 320,000 KRW, is approximately

If you’re staying at the Century Southern Tower Hotel in Shinjuku, you’re in for a treat. This highly recommended hotel offers scenic triple rooms with breathtaking views. Conveniently located just a 5-minute walk from Shinjuku Station, it provides easy access to various attractions in the area.

If you're staying at theThis highly recommended hotel offers

One of the standout features of this hotel is its proximity to Takashimaya Department Store and the NEWOMAN shopping mall. These establishments offer a wide range of dining options and shopping opportunities, making them ideal for some leisurely exploration. Additionally, the hotel’s first floor houses a Seven Eleven convenience store, perfect for grabbing snacks and supplies during your stay.

For train enthusiasts, the railway line below the hotel provides a unique and entertaining spectacle. Watching trains pass by can be a fun way to spend some time, especially for those interested in the intricacies of Japan’s rail system.

If you’re a fan of stunning views, make sure to request a room with a high floor when booking. From the higher floors, even with slightly cloudy weather, the view is said to be fantastic. Waking up to such a breathtaking sight can truly enhance your stay.

While staying at the Century Southern Tower Hotel, you’ll find yourself within walking distance of JR Yoyogi Station. This offers a great opportunity to explore the area further. Take a leisurely stroll to the station and unleash your inner foodie, as nearby convenience stores provide plenty of tasty snacks to indulge in.

If you’re in the mood for a day trip, the hotel’s proximity to the bus terminal makes it convenient for excursions to destinations like the Gotemba Outlet or other nearby attractions. The limousine bus service is a convenient option for travelers, so make sure to inquire about it at the hotel or visit the Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal for more information.

Finally, before leaving Shinjuku, don’t forget to try the highly recommended pudding shown in the hotel’s photos. This delectable treat is known to sell out quickly, so be sure to grab one when you see it.

In summary, Century Southern Tower Hotel provides a memorable experience with its stunning views and convenient location. With nearby department stores, shopping malls, and a variety of dining options, you’ll have plenty of choices to make your stay enjoyable. Whether you’re interested in trains or day trips, this hotel serves as an excellent base for exploring Shinjuku and its surrounding areas.