Accommodation reviews in Portugal, Spain (Bassel, Madrid, Granada, Seville, Lisbon) and what to bring

This is a review of a 16-night stay from January 11th with two older children!

I made a decision after searching and comparing for 1 adult and 2 children. When deciding on lodging, I focused on Google reviews, dotcom site reviews, location (Ttubeok), distance from the place I planned to visit, price, and cleanliness. When traveling, I always chose accommodations. This is the caution that ‘even if it’s old, it just has to be clean.’ I’m posting this in hopes that it will be helpful!
I didn’t know what would happen with the coronavirus, so I made all reservations that could be cancelled.

1. Barcelona-Novotel Barcelona City
Since it was my first stay, I wanted to choose a hotel with a European atmosphere near Plaza Catalunya.
Since I have children, I decided to start with a place that had a variety of breakfasts and felt less unfamiliar, so I decided to stay here.
Accor-affiliated hotels are always the cheapest on the official website, and there are discounts if you sign up as a member.

-4 nights, breakfast included, family room, 750,000 won, Accor home, city tax 15 euros
-Advantages: There is a variety of breakfasts. (The breakfasts are not as fancy as in Southeast Asia, but they are varied compared to other hotels and change slightly every day.) A large shopping mall across the street (no restaurants, but several restaurants including Burger King McDonald’s, a clothing store, etc.), heating Very good, hardwood floor, close to subway station and tram station, 2-story Carrefour across the street, clean atmosphere of surrounding neighborhood, optional Sagrada Familia view (our room was very small), view from high floor, most tourist attractions 3~40 by public transportation Inside and outside, good wifi
-Disadvantage: 2~3 subway stops or about 7 euros by taxi to around Plaza Catalunya?
The room is not as spacious as other hotels.It’s the entrance to the shopping mall across the street. I don’t take pictures inside the hotel, so I don’t have any pictures of the inside, so please refer to the hotel website.

2. Madrid – Petit Palace Arenal
From here on, I thought I would stay closer to the center, so I decided to stay in the downtown area.

-2 nights, breakfast not included (pay 11 euros per person for one day), triple room, 360,000 won, dot com reservation
-Advantages: Spacious room, good blanket and bed cushion, hardwood floor, close to Sol Square, centrally located, downtown right in front, close to subway station, hardwood floor, the breakfast room is pretty because it used to be a wine warehouse, the hotel is overall retro.
-Disadvantages: Almost no heating, small hotel lobby, old elevator, average friendliness, may be noisy from downtown (I thought it was soundproofed well, so I couldn’t feel it at all), bathroom sewer smell (only my second son, who has a sensitive sense of smell, felt it) Taxi right in front of the hotel Not available (only available in the side alley as it is a taxi-controlled direction), mediocre wifi, small number of items, but fresh breakfastEntrance to the breakfast room that used to be a wine warehouse​
3.Granada-Hotel Porcell Navas
-2 nights, breakfast included, double room, 210,000 won, dot com reservation
-Advantages: Tapas street (terrace restaurants) right in front, spacious room, centrally located, close to Alhambra, marble floor, very friendly, clean room
-Disadvantages: The blanket is covered with a blanket, the heating is weak, there can be noise (I thought it was soundproofed well, so I didn’t feel it at all), it’s close to the building in front (I didn’t feel uncomfortable because there were almost no lights on in front.) There is no card key. No key type, old-fashioned hair dryer, poor breakfast, weak wifi

This is the street view right in front of the accommodation.​
4. Seville-Numa Hondo Apartments
-3 nights, 0th floor (1st floor) of apartment, 2 rooms, 400,000 won, dotcom reservation
-Advantages: Large living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, very spacious, clean because it is a new building, pretty interior, washing machine, microwave, oven, toaster, large refrigerator, coffee machine, fully equipped with cooking utensils and detergent, welcome beer and 2 bottles of juice each. , Basic tea bags, pepper salt oil provided, small shared rooftop, very good heating, very good wifi, 5 minutes to Carrefour Express groceries, 2 minutes to the terrace, lockers for luggage storage at the entrance before and after check-in, lockers for item storage, 3-story building There is also an elevator
-Disadvantages: If a problem arises, it is resolved after contacting (there is a phone number, but immediate response is through WhatsApp rather than a phone call), no room cleaning, the living room view is a public garden, so privacy is not protected (applicable to the 0th floor only), once or twice there was an odor from the kitchen sink drain (1) I think it’s because it’s on the first floor… It wasn’t that bad) It’s located in a very narrow alley (It’s hard to get in by car and there’s an underground parking lot) There are no pictures of the large room, so all I need is a picture of a small room. This is the view from the rooftop taken at night. (It’s not that big, about 4 sunbeds.) Available)​
This is a highly recommended accommodation. But even if it’s not here, Seville has cheap accommodation overall, many apartments are good, and the conditions are good, so there seem to be a lot of options. Since it’s an apartment, there were times when I had to solve it myself if something didn’t work, but the system itself was so convenient that there was no inconvenience.

5. Portugal Lisbon – B Hotel Lisboa
-4 nights, superior double room, breakfast included, 770,000 won, dotcom reservation, city tax 8 euros
Advantages: centrally located, close to subway station and tram stop, shopping mall ,Close to St. George’s Castle, close to Cosius Square riverside, restaurants right in front, spacious room, large bathroom and 2 sinks, toothbrush and slippers only available, Lisboa card or tour connection available at the desk, welcome wine egg tart, apple Provided, delicious cappuccino and hot chocolate in the breakfast room (they make it themselves, not a machine), queen size bed and extra bed (it was said to be paid, but it is a service)
Disadvantages: almost no heating, close to the building in front (1st floor, Korean 2nd floor) It was dark, but since it was an academy, there was no invasion of privacy), noisy (it is also a busy area, but the sash is vulnerable to soundproofing, and the noise from performances late at night can be heard during the early morning cleaning service), the breakfast room is small, the breakfast is average,​
The accommodation I chose because I was selective. However, there were places where I was satisfied and places where I was disappointed. If I go again next time, I think I’ll add one more apartment and cook even if it’s a hassle, and what I thought was an advantage may be a disadvantage to others, so I wrote it down as objectively as possible.
And in the case of free cancellation, I’ll try again before canceling. If I searched and found a room type that wasn’t available before or if there was a big difference in price, I canceled and rebooked. (In the case of Hotel Porcell Navas, I made a reservation because it only had 4 people, but before the cancellation deadline, a cheaper 3-person accommodation came out, so I made a reservation again.) It may be difficult to be 100% satisfied, but I hope you all find accommodation with the highest level of satisfaction~

6. Useful things to prepare
-Things I take with me every time I travel
Nail clippers, ramen pot, Hetbahn Ramen snack disposable items, mat, board games (small ones), mini broom, opener, knife and scissors. , powdered detergent, disposable plastic, small tupperware box

-Useful things during this trip
Hot pack underwear, portable electric blanket, slippers, stir-fried red pepper paste, stir-fried kimchi pack, pasty paste, mint. Scented gum

-Things that were unnecessary during this trip
Mask (rarely used on public transportation except Barcelona and trains), short sleeves (they said it was hot in the south, but overall it was colder than expected), raincoat. , Numerous medicines (I took a lot of medicine with me, but luckily I never had to use it. Still, I plan to always take it with me), cash euros (I took the 330 euros the adults gave me and tried to force myself to use them all, but I still had some left over)

– What I enjoyed while traveling
I really recommend the Travel Wallet Card. When shopping in Dubai, where I was transiting, I used it right away after charging. Cards are used for most places, so use the card for everything.
Maltalk 3SIM SIM cards (use up to 60 minutes of free calls, but SIM cards don’t work well during city tours in nearby cities)
Children carry one carry-on suitcase of their own ( We each put our own luggage in it and packed and took care of it ourselves when moving to the hotel.)
-Things I regretted missing
Sunglasses (they were okay in Spain, but in Lisbon, the floor was made of white glossy tiles, so it was too blinding, so I really needed them)
/>In advance, I will install the WhatsApp taxi app in Korea. I installed it upon arrival, but I did not apply for roaming text messages, so I completed the app by authenticating with my husband’s mobile number. Cell phone wrist or necklace strap (I regretted it after my child got pickpocketed)

It’s been three days since I returned home, but I’m still experiencing jet lag, so my mind isn’t clear even during the day. I’m still reading the Wandering Cafe posts diligently and looking forward to going to Europe again~

Everyone, prepare happily and have a happy trip!!

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