Why you should bring Daiso toilet covers to Italy.

I lived in London and Prague for 1-2 years each, and while traveling in Europe, I visited one or two cities in each country: France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, and Serbia.

​Paris and Rome seem to have the worst hygiene.

​The smell of cigarettes on the street.

​I was in Prague and then came to Italy.

I forgot to bring a Daiso disposable toilet seat cover while I was in Prague, but it wasn’t a big problem.

​But since it’s Rome.

there’s no toilet cover itself.

​I took a picture in case you didn’t understand.


It should be on the toilet bowl!!​There is no cover where our butts should touch!!​Without Daiso’s disposable toilet cover, women would have to lift their butts while working or place their butts on that cold pottery.

​You don’t need to bring a shower filter, so be sure to bring a Daiso disposable toilet seat cover.