We recommend the Monjas del Carmen hotel in Granada, Spain.

I arrived in Granada early in the morning by Renfe.
I think it took about 5 minutes by bus from the stop near Granada Station.
Get off at Gran Via 5 – Catedral and walk for 3 to 4 minutes.
It’s right next to Granada Cathedral, and the Alhambra Palace and San Nicolas Observatory are also a short walk away.
130 euros per night for 3 people, triple room, breakfast not included.
There is a refrigerator, safe, electric kettle, and hair dryer.

But it’s hard to find a hotel.
It’s not on the street, it’s in an alley inside.
The absurdity of looking at Google Maps and then turning around the alley and coming back to your original place is ridiculous.
If I had looked at the building sign instead of looking down at Google Maps, I would have found it quickly.

You have to go into this alley.
Right here.
It’s right on the right, but I went to the left and spun around… with the kids and three suitcases.
If you look to the right, there is a hotel in the back.

The hotel looks a bit old on the outside, but the facilities and building are very modern and clean.
Of all the hotels I stayed in in Spain, this was the best.

I arrived before check-in time, so I left my bag there, had lunch, and drank coffee at Starbucks before coming in.

The room was on the second floor, and an extra sofa bed was added, so there were 3 single beds.
That sofa bed is the size of a double bed, so we fought over who would sleep together lol.
The beds were all comfortable, the pillows were good, and the room was clean and bright, so I really liked it.
The room was warm, so I didn’t even take out the thermal water bag I wore while sleeping here.
There are two windows, but one has a direct view of the building opposite, so I always keep it closed.

The reason I liked this hotel the best was because of the street view from this terrace.
The room is larger than expected, clean, and has good facilities, but I open the curtains and look down.
It was so nice to overlook the alleys of Granada and see people sitting, eating and drinking.
There were people there until late at night.
I was worried it might be noisy, but with the door closed it was just white noise and didn’t bother me at all.
Rather than being too quiet, I liked that I felt like I was staying in a neighborhood where people lived.
It also became quiet late at night, so it didn’t bother me at all.

There are Starbucks, McDonald’s, and many restaurants nearby.

I walked to the Alhambra and I think it took about 20 minutes.
The airport bus to Granada Airport was said to arrive nearby.
I didn’t have time, so I took a taxi and paid about 30 euros.
There is a taxi stand across from the front of the hotel, so it is easy to catch a taxi.

The nearest laundromat was about an 8-minute walk away, so I packed up all my belongings and went there.
There is a staff member stationed at the laundromat, and the staff is friendly.
When I saw the machine for the first time, I was reading the manual.
Another old lady who came to do the laundry very kindly explained in detail in English.
Carrefour Express is also nearby.

But it was early in the morning – I don’t think it was before 7 o’clock.
I was going out to look around by myself, but the wooden shutters at the front door of the hotel were closed. I thought it was some kind of count’s gate…
Fortunately, the staff at the reception (who looked like my grandfather’s butler) opened it for me.
When I came back, I was looking to ring the doorbell in front of the tightly closed wooden door.
They told me to come quickly and open it for them haha. It was my first time in a hotel like this so I was a little embarrassed.

Anyway, this was the best accommodation in Spain for me.
Transportation is also good.
I still remember the view from that terrace and the cozy alley.
The food in Granada was delicious, the accommodation was nice, and the people were very nice.

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