[Vienna, Austria] Review of Hotel Royal (Located in Ring An)

It’s a hotel located inside the ring, but there are surprisingly few reviews, so I’m leaving a review after my stay.
Please refer to this when choosing accommodation!~

1. Accommodation name: Hotel Royal (Address: Singerstrabe 3, 1010, Wien)

2. Number of stays: 2023.07.14 ~ 2023.07.23

3. Location (How to get there): It is a 1-minute walk from U1 & U3 Stephansplatz Station and right next to Stephen’s Cathedral, making it an ideal location for sightseeing.
It takes about 20 minutes by car from the hotel to the airport. If you inquire directly at the hotel email address below in advance, the airport pick-up service can be reserved for a fee. The fixed price is 44 euros one way for a regular sedan and 66 euros one way for a minivan, and you pay cash to the driver when boarding. You can pay right away.
The pick-up service at Binyi Airport was particularly expensive (for Korean pick-ups, the price was over 150,000 won one way), but the price was reasonable because it was connected to a hotel, and the driver was standing in front of the Anker bakery near the departure hall on the first floor holding a sign, so there was no problem.
On the other hand, when returning to the airport, I came straight to the hotel lobby, so I had a comfortable transportation.
if you have a lot of luggage or are traveling as a family, you may want to consider airport pick-up service as it is convenient.

-> Email inquiry address: royal@kremslehnerhotels.at

4. Price: Double room, approximately 200,000 to 230,000 won per night

5. Meals and cooking: Reservations do not include breakfast.
There is a restaurant right next to the lobby, and since the hotel itself has history and tradition, the restaurant seems to be famous (there are pictures of famous people who have visited the restaurant, including Pavarotti and Placido Domingo), but I went to the restaurant just to buy morning coffee and briefly had breakfast. I saw it and it was a very ordinary buffet.
There was bread, eggs, sausage, tomatoes, cheese, salad and fruit, coffee, juice, etc. When checking in, I was informed that I could eat it for a separate fee of 25 euros per person, but I don’t think it was that level of breakfast.
First of all, there is a McDonald’s right across from the hotel. It opens early in the morning and runs until late. It has a second floor and two outdoor terraces, so foreigners who smoke eat there.
There is also a supermarket called Billa across from the hotel, where you can buy salads, fruits, bread, and more.
For reference, Billa’s operating hours are from 7:15 AM to 7:30 PM on weekdays, until 6 PM on Saturdays, and closed on Sundays. Please note that it only sells groceries and does not sell industrial products (cosmetics, toilet paper, toothpaste, etc.).
If you want to buy industrial products, search DM on Google Maps and go there (about 3 minutes past Stephen’s Cathedral?).
Additionally, Akakiko, an Asian fusion restaurant, is located across from the hotel, so if you’re craving Korean food, you can have lunch or dinner here.
As it was and is still a friendly place, the Chinese server in charge even provided free kimchi as a service.

6. Bathroom (shower): Our room has a tub shower room without a bathtub (looking at other people’s reviews, it seems like they give you a room with a bathtub if you ask for it). Shampoo and body wash products are built into the bathroom wall, and the conditioner is a disposable product. provided.
Toothbrushes and toothpaste were not provided, but a small paper box containing disposable shower caps, cotton swabs, thread/needle, etc. was provided, but they only gave it on the first day and did not provide it.
The built-in hair dryer worked well and dried my hair well, so I was very satisfied.

7. Wi-Fi availability: There is free Wi-Fi, but the entire time I was in the hotel, I never had a proper connection, and even when it did, it didn’t work at all, so I just roamed and used up all my data.
The wifi here seems to be the worst of any European hotel I’ve ever been to.

8. Facilities and cleanliness: It is an older hotel (it is definitely not a hotel with a modern modern atmosphere) and has a total of 9 floors. I stayed in the end room on the 8th floor. It was summer, so I did not have to turn on the air conditioner and open the window, so I did not hear any noise from outside, and it was in the end room, so I was in the hallway. It was okay because there was almost no noise.
Overall, the room was very spacious, well-lit, the air conditioner worked well, and the floor was made of wood instead of carpet, which was nice.
However, the cleanliness was very poor. There was a lot of dust on the coffee machine, and hair kept getting stuck on the new bedding and new towels… The floor wasn’t vacuumed properly, so hair was always falling off.
Also, small flying insects keep coming in from somewhere (the air conditioner is always on, so I never open the window, so it seems like they come in every time I clean the room). I think I killed at least one every two days. ㅠㅠ
There is a separate large sofa (which seems to transform into a bed?), a closet with lots of storage, a TV, a safe, a coffee machine, and a mini refrigerator, but it was already full of drinks, so there was almost no room for the groceries I bought, and the performance wasn’t that cool. Still, I was thankful that there was a refrigerator. Two wine glasses and a separate bottle opener were provided in the space above the refrigerator, so I bought wine and beer at Billa and drank them well.
Also, there was an older man among the cleaning staff, but he was so slow that even when we returned to the hotel after 3pm, our room was not cleaned at all.
This happened twice, but I was so tired from the heat at the time that I really wanted to rest in my room, so I only asked for new towels and emptied the trash can, and didn’t clean my room both times.

9. Internal rules: Nothing special~ However, the room key is the real key (it was refreshing to see a real key after a long time). The key is not big or heavy, but the plastic ring with the room number written on it is very large.
Other people left it in the lobby every time they went out, but I was lazy so I kept putting it in my bag.

10. Friendliness of the staff: The evening staff were really friendly, but the morning staff were generally not very good, especially the local female staff member with short black hair and glasses (except for the short-haired woman of Southeast Asian descent who was brave and very friendly).
I asked for some extra hangers, but they didn’t have enough and asked me why I needed more, but they didn’t even give it to me, so I ended up asking the dinner staff again, and they brought it to my room right away.
Also, in the morning, the bald bellboy, who is very short, expressed his frustration and anger on his face and actions because our luggage was heavy when loading and unloading it with the trolley during check-out (even though we gave him a generous tip in advance!!!) ).
The tall young bellboy and the tall, bald middle-aged bellboy were really, really friendly, but thanks to this unfriendly bald old man (there’s even a picture of him on the hotel’s homepage OMG!), the image of the hotel was further tarnished at the last minute.

11. Surrounding environment: To give an easy analogy, you can think of it as a hotel located in the middle of Myeong-dong in Korea.
Stephen’s Cathedral is right next to it and it is located on a shopping street, so it is very accessible so you can leave things behind after shopping or go to the bathroom.
The Albertina Museum is within 10 minutes’ walk and the Opera House is within 15 minutes’ walk.
Also, as mentioned earlier, it’s just 1 minute away from U1 & U3 Stephansplatz stations, and even though it’s a main tourist attraction, the hotel is slightly off to the side, so it’s not noisy and it’s not dangerous because the area is overflowing with tourists even after 11 p.m., which was nice.

12. Advantages: Compared to other European hotels, the room is spacious (even if you spread out two 28-inch suitcases on the floor at the same time, there is still space, so it is very convenient to unpack and pack luggage), the floor is not carpeted, the air conditioner works well, and only groceries are available. The supermarket Billa is opposite the hotel and the location right next to St. Stephen’s Cathedral is by far the best!

13. Disadvantages: The hotel’s cleanliness was poor (it wasn’t dirty, but it wasn’t cleaned well), some staff were unfriendly, and the Wi-Fi was barely or not connected at all…

14. What kind of people would like this accommodation?
Recommended for those who consider both price and location among the hotels in the ring!

15. How would you rate it?
A-, If I go to Vienna again, I would like to stay there again because of the location.




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