Venice (+Dolomiti) travel review

Day 1Florence -> Move to Venice.


Wait at Florence Santa Maria Novella Station and move as soon as the platform number appears!Come with plenty of money!There are a lot of people, so be careful not to lose your luggage!I think the number comes up 20 to 10 minutes before you arrive.


The suitcase was full, so I put it on my head.

It’s really too heavy.

Leave it in a visible location :)Women can’t do it.

🥹So let’s run and enter Venice!.


The location of the accommodation is largely divided into near Mestre Station and on the main island.

We stayed in Cannaregio on the main island (about a 10-minute walk from the station).

It seemed like it would be difficult to go to Mestre Station every time, so in the end, it was a very good choice.

When you get off at Santa Lucia Station, you have to walk on the stone road + uphill and downhill bridge combo for over 10 minutes to reach Cannaregio due to the luggage.

You can still do it!.


Airbnb Loft Accommodation with BedThe owner is very friendly and the bed is really comfortable.

(Except here, the beds in all the places I’ve slept so far are very comfortable.

Are Italian mattresses really good?)There is a refrigerator in the accommodation and almost all kitchen utensils, so you can cook and eat 🙂 The bathroom condition is also good.

However, the wifi worked well for me, but not for my younger brother.

There are too many mosquitoes.

I wonder if Venice can do anything about it.

Also, the review clearly said it was on the 2nd floor, but I guess it was a different room.

I got tired of dragging my suitcase 20 kilometers to the 4th floor.

ㅠ Dinner at Ristorante Ca’ DolfinIt’s really delicious 👍 The octopus salad is so fresh and plumpI wanted to ask about the recipe for the seafood soup, and I’ll keep thinking about it when I get home.

The pork chop was so-so, but it reminded me of salt-grilled pork belly, which was nicehaha.

And the staff were friendly.

The #1 restaurant in Venice~.


Eat hydrogen gelato for dessert.

There are two restaurants, and I ate near the Rialto Bridge, and you can preview the menu with a QR code outside :)The strawberry flavor is truly refreshing!It’s so delicious.


And to commemorate the first day in Venice, we see the night view from the Rialto Bridge.

There is a long list of night view recommendations, but we were in poor condition.

I only went to Rialto both days.

Are you excited about the Guggenheim Museum?Also, go to the Accademia Bridge!really …They say it’s cool….

​And on the way back to the accommodation, I stopped by the supermarket and bought water, snacks, etc.

I’m going back after seeing the market day.

​Day 2.


And the water I bought yesterday was carbonated water.

It was obviously natural on top, but I didn’t see carbonated water written on the bottom….

Haha everyone, take a good look and buy it.

I ended up using the kitchen water (the Airbnb owner told me to use it as drinking water!).


I cooked and ate ramen like that (they don’t sell Korean ramen, so I bought Japanese ramen).

There are both Singaporean and Japanese styles, so why isn’t there Korean style?No matter how hard I looked, there was no Korean mart on the main island, so I was satisfied with this.


Then, we depart from the accommodation at 10:30 and go to Burano Island.

** When you get off at the station, purchase your Vaporetto ticket right away!You can use it the next day, so buy it in advance.

Otherwise, you have to walk back to the station like I did.

There are places to buy tickets at every station, but it’s hard to find them on your first trip!And it’s a waste of time From the station, I took a vaporetto to the dock for departure to Burano Island.

From here, I’ll go to Pier A and take boat number 12 to Burano :)There are so many people.

And there were a few seats when we first departed, but people going from Murano to Burano got on again and there were a lot of people standing (it took about 40 minutes).

You can broadly see it as the main island ~ Murano ~ Burano route.

We only went to Murano Pass and Burano.

I am very satisfied with the conclusion of Burano Island.

너무 예뻤다.

사람들 많아서 사진 찍기 어렵긴해도다들 센스있게 서로 비켜주고 찍어주고 너무 웃겼음그리고 점심시간이라서 간단하게 밥도 먹고.


사진 열심히 찍다가 갑자기 비가 미친듯이 와서 엄청 추워짐.

바보같이 겉옷도 우산도 안 가져와서 남의 집 대문 앞에서 비 피하는 중입니다다행이게도 십분정도 지나니까 비 그쳐서 좀 놀다가 다시 돌아가는 배 탔어요.

그리고 돌아갈 때는 안에 앉아서 가면 너무 답답하고 냄새나니까 밖에 서서 가는 것도 조심스레 추천드려요(대신 추움) 본섬 숙소면 좋은 점! 원할 때 쉴 수ㅠ있다ㅠ부라노 갔다가 너무 힘들어서 숙소에서 좀 쉬고 나갑니다원래 곤돌라 탈 계획이 없었는데 유랑에 곤돌라 동행글 발견해서 5인 곤돌라 고고!제가 이날 비가 왔다고 말씀드렸죠? 바람도 많이 불어서 원래 바닷가 쪽 두칼레궁전쪽에서 타고싶었는데 운행 못한다고 하셔서 리알토다리에서 탔습니다.

​곤돌라는 20분정도 운행하고 배 하나에 5명까지 탈 수 있어요.

그리고 인원1~5명 상관없이 80유로입니다.

대신 일몰 후에는 100유로에요!​ 곤돌라 다 타고 바로 리알토다리 올라와서 저녁 노을 감상합니다.

너무 예뻐요.

실시간으로 물드는 하늘사람들 진짜 진짜 많음 그리고 저녁먹으러 갑니다.

비 맞고 추워서 한식이 절실히 생각나더라고요.

거의 유일한 것 같은 한식당.

메뉴판은 너무 웃겨서 찍어봤어요.

김치찌개와 제육볶음 시켰습니다.

리조(밥) 달라고 해야 줍니다.

맛은 피렌체에서 먹은 강남식당이 더 맛있어요.

그래도 이정도 감지덕지 흘긓ㄹㄱOppa Ristorante coreana e cinese​​3일차돌로미티 당일투어본섬에서 다인승차량타고 이동했습니다.


진짜 아직도 믿기지 않네요지금 밀라노의 탁한 공기때문에 너무 그리워요차타고 두시간 정도 이동해서 도착한 어떤 마을에서간단하게 요기하고 다시 출발합니다 방금까지 베니스였는데 조금만 가니 알프스….

이탈리아 진짜 너무하다.

왜 혼자 다 가졌냐고 ㅠ도시마다 색깔이 뚜렷해서 여행하기 너무 좋은 나라❤️갓 구운 빵이 제일 맛있다는 명언을 들으며 먹은피칸파이는 이 세상 맛이 아님…….

아직도 생각나요.


차에서 내리면 그냥 이런 뷰말이 안 됩니다….

여러분 돌로미티투어 당일로라도 제발 꼭 가주세요….

사진으로 못 담아요.


너무 아름답고 한적했던 호수호수의 반영 좀 보세요.

그림의 한 폭.


달걀면으로 만든 파스타닭발같이 생겼다고 해서 엄청 웃겼는데 또 맛있어요한국 가져가고싶어서 eataly가서 찾아봤는데 똑같은 면은 없어서 못 삼 ㅠ.


제가 손에 들고있는 돌이 돌로마이트라고 합니다.

하얀 암석으로 이루어져서 빛을 받으면 마치 눈이 내린 것 같은 산들….


시간이 남아서 또 찾아간 다른 호수.

역시나 아름다워요.

그리고 뒤에 편의점같은 가게가 있는데 거기 마그넷 예쁘고 귀여우니까 꼭 사세요.

저는 못사서 너무 후회됩니다….

^^ 저녁으로 먹은 오징어 튀김과 랍스터 파스타맛은 쏘쏘이지만 직원분들이 너무 유쾌상쾌통쾌하고아주 장난끼넘침ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이탈리아 최고의 직원들임티라미수도 여기서 먹고싶었는데 솔드아웃 옆가게 추천받아서 갑니다​Rio Novo ristorante pesce/best seafood in venice​ ​포장해온 티라미수랑 판나코타가격은 좀 비쌌어요티라미수를 먼저 먹어버려서 판나코타의 맛이 하나도 안 남 … 순두부 먹는 줄 ㅎㅎ하지만 행복했습니다.

​그리고 다음날 체크아웃하고 밀라노로 떠났습니다 :)베네치아는 너무 아름다운 도시였다….