Top 3 Italian local restaurants + a little travel review


My husband said he would rather drive because he gets motion sickness so much.

I rented a car in Camoa and went on a short trip to Rome, Italy for two weeks haha.

Since I have a car, my husband feels comfortable and I can get around easily without time constraints!My husband and I love to eat so the theme of our trip was destroying good restaurants haha.

It was a nice trip because the weather was nice and I was able to have deep conversations with my husband.

Now, let’s recommend a restaurant…I decided on a restaurant after reading local reviews on Yelp.


LA CABANA (Pasta/Wine)The tables are always full, so it’s better to make a reservation in advance and look around.

My husband and I made a reservation and came 30 minutes later to be shown seats!It’s so delicious to eat with the bread and pasta that come as appetizers.

I wanted to take the lemon pie for dessert back to Korea.


CANTINA&CUCINA (Lasagna/Salad)If you go into the alley next to the square, you will come out!It’s only 8,000 won in Korean currency.

The lasagna was delicious with lots of tomato sauce and cheese.

I really liked the carbonara because it tasted thicker than the Korean version.

I was very satisfied because they also provided cookies and lollipops!The staff is friendly​3.

Target (Pizza/Vegetarian)It’s a good restaurant near the Plaza de la Repubblica, and I was surprised that it also had vegan food.

Lobster pasta is a signature dish, and there were performances on the weekends so there was something to see ^^It’s a bit more expensive than the second one, but it’s worth the price.

​My mouth is watering as I write this…I want to go and eat againI guess I’ll have to ask my husband to go again haha.