Reviews of the infamous The Tower Hotel


I already made a reservation a few months ago, and when I looked at the reviews before coming, there was a lot of talk about theft and racial discrimination.
I thought about it, but I still didn’t want to give up the view!
I did
Fortunately, there was no racial discrimination at the reception, and they were very friendly (not good at English). At check-in, the staff seemed Indian (friendly), and at check-out, it was a white madam, who was very friendly!
When I asked if the view was good, I was told it was a very good view, so I was looking forward to it, but I was happy throughout my stay in the morning, night, and sunset.
There was an extra bed because I had a child, so it was narrow, but everything was set up in advance, and although the facilities were very old, there were no problems.
It was a two-night stay, so I packed my suitcase tightly because I was worried about theft, and I left with Do Not Disturb, so there was no trace of anyone coming in.
I was very satisfied with just the view, perhaps because I stayed there without any problems.
I had a child and it had only been a few days since I entered the country, so I didn’t have the courage to go out to see the night view, but it was nice that I could do it at the accommodation!

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