Reviews of Novotel Madrid Center, Madrid, Spain

I started my first trip to Spain in Madrid, and I wanted to go to a chain hotel that was friendly to kids.
It’s difficult because I flew for 21 hours including a layover, but a hotel with less things to worry about is convenient.
Since we have three children, we chose a room with two single beds plus a sofa bed.
It was 494.64 euros for 3 nights.
Breakfast is not included.

Novotel Madrid Center is less than a 5-minute walk from O’Donnell Station.
If you take the yellow direct airport bus, pass the airport terminal and get off at the first stop, O’Donnell.
I was trying to get off the airport bus, but the bus bell didn’t ring. I was worried what would happen if I couldn’t get off here.
The bus was so full that I couldn’t get to the front to ask the driver to let me off.
Fortunately, the bus stopped at O’Donnell as if it had nothing to do with the bell, so I got off without any hesitation.

O’Donnell is a bit far from Sol Square.
I tried walking again.
I think it takes about 35 to 40 minutes on foot.
I had to check out on the last day and take Renfe early in the morning at Atocha Station.
Why did they have such a grand ambition to place the accommodation somewhere between Atocha Station and Sol Square… haha?
Both of them were pretty average haha, but the kids had fun walking around and looking around all the way to Sol Square. Well…
Both the Eliptica station to Toledo and the Moncloa station to Segovia require a bus or subway ride anyway.
Yes, it is not a strategic location in the city with very easy transportation.
However, it is located near O’Donnell Station.

The hotel is easy to find.
It’s right on the main road.
The entrance has to be inside.
There is also a Carrefour Express nearby.​
Novotel had the basics, so I wasn’t too worried about the facilities.
It’s not very spacious or fancy, but it’s clean, doesn’t smell, everything is suitable, and the service is good.
When checking in and checking out, the staff were all middle-aged and friendly and nice.

The shampoo and conditioner provided as amenities here are strawberries?
It smelled cute haha
There was a safe, so I kept my passport, Korean SIM card, and other important things with me.
When I come back exhausted after playing all day, the bed is made and there are new towels… I like that, so I go to a hotel.
The bed, pillows, everything in this hotel was comfortable.
I thought what would happen if the sofa bed was too hard, but it was just like a bed and was nice.

I had a bed next to the window, and it was cold at night because there was a draft coming in from the window.
I slept hugging the hot pack and Pash water bag I brought with me.
But all the kids who slept inside said it was hot… I was just turning on the heater, but the kids were turning it off… sad…ㅠㅠ
Of course, even if you turn it on to the maximum, the temperature setting is 25 degrees.

I checked in on December 31st, and they said there would be a special brunch the next morning, January 1st.
Guys, since it’s the New Year, let’s eat a lot.
Novotel breakfast was delicious no matter where you went in Europe.
On the morning of January 1st, I went downstairs and asked at the counter if I wanted to have a special brunch.
It’s 35 euros per person, but I asked all the children’s ages and my 14-year-old was told it was free.
Why, teacher?
He eats the most… Don’t ignore the stomachs of Korean teenagers…

I’ve never had such a delicious breakfast buffet. It was a special because it was New Year’s Day.
Starting in the morning, we had several pieces of steak, shrimp were huge and delicious, waffles, and melon. How many plates did we eat?
But the smell of the sausage was so strong that the kids spit it out after taking a bite.
It didn’t suit our taste.

In one corner, an older man was making juice by grinding oranges and other fruits and vegetables.
I asked for just oranges, but they mixed orange juice with carrots and other ingredients.
I was depressed that it would taste weird, but wow, it was really, really delicious.
I’m still upset that I couldn’t eat more because I was full…

I stayed for 3 nights and was checking out in the early morning, and the staff asked if I could call a taxi.
As expected, the work was done quickly and the people had a lot of experience… But I took the subway haha.
I really liked this hotel. Hahaha

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