Reviews of Hotel Der Jägerwirt, Salzburg (Bergheim), Austria

Accommodation photos
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Accommodation name:
Der Jägerwirt Hotel&Restaurant (Address
Kasern 4
Number of stays:
3 nights 0814-0817
Location (How to get there):
Only bus number 21 can get there.
Direction Fürstenbrunn Buskehre.
To get to Salzburg Station, you have to walk a bit to the bus stop.
It’s not to the point where I can’t walk.
You can transfer.
Alternatively, you can also take the bus from the Mirabel Pleats bus stop, but you will most likely travel from the station when you first get accommodation.
I’m not sure about the price… It was around 100,000 won and included breakfast.
Meals and cooking:
No cooking allowed, restaurant on the 1st floor is open for dinner
Toilet (shower) availability:
Hand wash and body wash provided.
I don’t know because I don’t have any use for it.
Facilities and cleanliness:
But no elevator.
It is an old-fashioned hotel. The keys are real keys. The key ring is made of wood. The furniture is made of wood and is classic.
Of course, no refrigerator.
The problem is that there is no air conditioning… No slippers, of course.
What am I thinking…a little Austrian country cabin hotel?
The gambit is there… haha
Internal rules:
There seemed to be nothing special about the internal rules?
Staff friendliness:
Surrounding environment:
A large camping ground is right next to it and a Tesla charging station is in front.
Come if you rented a car.
Otherwise, it’s difficult.
Even though the hotel is located 5 seconds right in front when you get off at the bus stop, accessibility to the downtown area is not good.
There is only one bus route.
I didn’t notice when I made the reservation that there was a campsite next door.
If you had seen it, you would have realized that it is quite a rural area. There is only one bus number 21 that goes to this hotel, so it won’t come if you don’t have a car.
Ah, but a lot of foreigners come to camp at the campsite next to here.
The camping car is full.
It’s a place where families come to visit with their dogs and large camping cars.
Touring the city and camping.
Quiet, clean.
At least it’s right in front of the bus stop.
5 second cut when you get off the bus.
Access to downtown, no elevator, refrigerator, air conditioner, card key… Classic hotel far from civilization.
Who would like this accommodation?
It’s a bit hard to recommend the hotel, but it would be a good idea to bring a camping car to the camping site next to the hotel and go traveling or camping with other people.
It seemed like the people at the campsite were going back and forth to the city on the same bus as me.
It seems like they play in the city, hang out at the campsite in the evening, and then sleep.
How would you rate it?

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