Review of Fil Suites & Homes accommodation in Mallorca, Spain

I chose this because there were a lot of Korean reviews, but I’m uploading this in hopes that there will be no victims like me.
In conclusion, the air conditioner didn’t work, and the attitude and service towards the problem was really terrible.
It was so ridiculous that I wondered if it was racism, but seeing other foreigners’ recent reviews saying the same thing happened, it seems like the place just has a problem with the employees’ personality.

Because the content is long, I am attaching the email I sent to Agoda at the time.Image





Reviews from other people who don’t seem like strangers🥲🥲

I was so emotionally drained that I couldn’t do anything for a day because I was fighting with this accommodation and trying to get a refund.
I didn’t feel excited throughout the trip… It was an incident that made me realize how much of an impact it has when accommodation problems arise during a trip…

Afterwards, I moved to a Hyatt-affiliated resort, and I felt aggrieved again because I thought the service was like this.🥹🥹

And Korea is truly the best.

I hope everyone else has a pleasant trip to Mallorca.
It was okay except here!

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