Review of Drawing Hotel Vichu, Paris 1st arrondissement

This is a review written in a hotel room on the last day of five nights.

Since I was traveling with my parents, I chose this hotel because it was well located and clean.

There was no hot water for 2 days out of 5 nights.
I arrived in the evening on the first day and it was a bit cold because of the rain, so I was very upset when they said there was no hot water.

Still, Counter Nice said they were very sorry and said they would upgrade the room and provide breakfast during my stay, so I said okay, but they said they couldn’t repair it because the second day was a public holiday (8/15)^^. Anyway, I washed it with cold water for two days.
I caught a cold ㅠㅠ

From the 3rd day, hot water came out, but the water pressure was so weak that it was very difficult to wash, so I was stressed… Yep, I got angry while taking a shower on the 5th day.
I told the counter this morning and they said it was fixed, but it was like this again today.. If you keep acting like this all the time, it gets to the point where you don’t say anything and then stop coming out.
Forced to take a cold shower!

In addition, they said they would provide breakfast throughout my stay, but they couldn’t communicate with the restaurant, so the restaurant said they couldn’t provide breakfast anymore because the hot water was out^^,, Ugh, it’s 25 euros per person, but it’s definitely not the kind of food you’ll eat at that price…!
So, I asked them if they said they would provide breakfast, and the person who wasn’t in charge at the time said they weren’t sure. When I asked if I could have breakfast tomorrow, they said they would let me know about it tomorrow morning…?!

The room was clean, the bathroom was spacious and the location was good.
So, I took my pick and found a hotel in District 1 during the peak season, which is expensive even without a refrigerator. I don’t want to come back again. I’m leaving tomorrow.
When I looked at the reviews again, it seemed like there had been quite a few hot water issues so far.

There are a lot of Koreans, so I’m writing this to make you aware. It was very difficult to shower every single day for 5 days.
The biggest problem is that they can’t communicate with each other..!
Anyway, this is a bad idea.
If nothing had happened, I would have just said it was a good hotel and moved on, but I was so frustrated the whole time.

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