Recommended restaurants in Salerno and Positano, Italy (good view restaurant, basil pasta restaurant)

hello?I will share the restaurants in Salerno and Positano that I visited last summer.


Ivan Italian Chef – Salerno Arancini Restaurant.


I stopped by Salerno briefly to go to Positano, so I wasn’t in a position to eat, so I went to a restaurant near the station just to fill my stomach.

no, no, this is the best restaurant of my life!!!Even the restaurants in Rome that said the arancini was delicious weren’t this good.

It really rolled my eyes.

It’s very narrow and narrow, so if you put your suitcase in it, it’s full and you have to stand to eat.

I completely forgot about the inconvenience.

no problem,,,The prices are also very cheap.

Most everything costs 1-3 euros.

Arancini, kebab, side dishes, etc.

I highly recommend it!!!!If you come to Salerno, definitely go here.

The link below is to my blog where you can see more detailed restaurant reviews and a review of the ferry ride to Positano! (Please let me know if there are any problems) ​2.

Adamo ed Eva Positano – Positano view restaurant If you go to Positano, I really recommend eating at a restaurant with a nice view!!I was looking for a rooftop restaurant with a view of Positano beach and cliffs, and it was a truly amazing view.

🩵The main dishes are usually priced in the mid-20s to 35 euros, and I highly recommend the seafood dish and the gelato (lemon ice cream) is highly recommended!!!Reservations are required (available through the fork app), and I recommend going early to get a good seat.

Please refer to the detailed menu description and amazing view photos below (please let me know if there are any problems) ​​3.

Saraceno d’Oro – A great basil pasta restaurant!! ​: It was difficult to make same-day restaurant reservations in Positano, so I found this restaurant while looking for a restaurant that doesn’t require reservations.

This place is in the middle of the street, so it has a casual yet romantic atmosphere!The inside of the restaurant is just a typical Italian restaurant, and the outdoors and terrace are beautiful.

Luckily, I was able to eat on the terrace.

On the menu, I had basil pasta and fried shrimp, but fried food is actually delicious no matter what you eat it with!But the basil pasta is really crazy…It’s so deliciousㅠㅠㅠㅠI really recommend it if you like the strong green taste of basil😭😭But it took too long because I didn’t make a reservation.

I recommend making a reservation if possible!I didn’t eat dessert because I felt bad because it took too long, but everyone was eating a piece of lemon sorbet.

If you have time, I recommend trying the lemon sorbet too haha.

​If you have any more questions, please leave a comment and I’ll let you know!.