Recommended hotels in Florence, Italy C-hotel Ambasciatori Duomo View Double Room Reviews

This is a review of the C-hotel Ambasciatori Hotel Duomo View Double Room, where I stayed for 2 nights during my Florence, Italy trip in April this year^^

Since we went on a trip during Easter week, the hotel prices were too high, and I couldn’t even decide on the Minervana Baglioni Hotel, which is close to the Duomo, so I searched and found the Ambasciatori Hotel.

In fact, the reviews were quite mixed, but I chose it because there was a room with a Duomo view on my itinerary and the price was reasonable.
It’s true that I was worried before checking in at the hotel, but after actually checking in, I think I was really satisfied.

First of all, the biggest advantage is that the hotel is located right across the street from Florence Santa Maria Novella Station!!
It was great to take the shuttle bus to The Mall, and I was able to get to the center without any trouble. Also, the double room had a terrace, and I think it was really nice that you could see the Duomo directly from the terrace.
There was a train passing in front of the hotel, so I wondered if there would be noise, but perhaps because the windows were thick, I was able to sleep well without noise.

However, the structure of the hotel allows you to see the Duomo only on one side, and is best viewed from the center of the building, so it would be a good idea to check this carefully.
Usually, the room with the view on the reservation site is towards the Duomo, and the room on the other side is just the opposite view, so you need to check carefully.

Details are well summarized in the post below.

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