Recommended hotel in front of Frankfurt Central Station.Metropolitan by Flemings.

Number of stays:
2023.8.18 – 19 (2 days and 1 night)
Location (How to get there):
Located immediately after exiting Frankfurt Central Station in the NORTH direction.
Price: around
100,000 won
Meals and cooking:
Breakfast included.
Cooking is not possible.
Availability of bathroom (shower room):
Toilet and shower room available
Facilities and cleanliness:
Luxurious and classic.
Internal rules:
Staff available 24 hours a day
Staff friendliness:
Surrounding environment
: It takes about 15 minutes on foot to get to Lümmer Square near the central station.
It’s right in front of Central Station, so it’s very convenient for travelers taking the train to another city the next day.
Cons: Not sure.
Who would like this accommodation?
Couples, singles, business, parents, family travel
How would you rate it?
5 out of 5!

Take Korean Air from Incheon International Airport to Frankfurt IN
Since I had to take the train to Berlin the next day, I searched for accommodation near Frankfurt Central Station.
I stayed at
the Frankfurt
Metropolitan by Flemings, which is right in front of the central station.

There are a lot of zombies near Frankfurt Central Station.
I was worried because I saw a lot of reviews saying it was dangerous to walk around at night.

I turned on Google Maps and went out to the nearest exit to find the hotel.
I had to go back from where I left to get to the hotel.
So, I go around the alley next to the central station building.


It’s a zombie…

A zombie leans against the wall of the Central Station building and screams…

Oops, I went back to Jungang Station.
At that time, it was 8 o’clock in the evening and it was not dark.
I found the NORTH direction sign.
You’ll come out after passing McDonald’s.Image

Steigenberger Hotel Metropolitan
Poststraße 6, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany ​Image

I took a picture of the entrance to Central Station NORTH.
You can exit by passing the McDonald’s in Central Station.
It’s not dangerous.
It’s bright even though it’s past 8pm, right?

That was the last time I encountered a zombie.

Berlin > Vienna > Obertraun > Hallstatt > Salzburg > Munich

I had a safe trip throughout my trip.Image

As soon as you come out, you will see the Metropolitan Hotel.
This is the hotel I will stay at.

hotel lobby


There were stairs going up to the lobby, so I carried my suitcase up.
The hotel has a strong classic feel both inside and out.
The staff were also very friendly.
The desk is open 24 hours a day.

​ In the warm hotel room, the day was so hot that my whole body was covered in sweat and I was exhausted, but all I wanted to do was take a quick shower and sleep.
​ Features of Eastern European hotels vs. Korean hotels

Slippers are not provided in Eastern European hotels.
If possible, bring the slippers you received on the plane with you.
Useful throughout your trip.
Most hotels have carpets, which makes me feel uncomfortable.
And bathroom amenities such as toothbrushes and razors are not provided.

The bathroom was very clean and had a classic feel.
Shampoo and body soap were provided.
The shampoo was peppermint and it made my head feel refreshed.
It felt good because it felt good.
The water came out well and hot water came out well.

However, when I tried to replace the shower head, it couldn’t be replaced at all.
Although I didn’t change the filter during my trip to Europe, I had a great trip without any water problems.

Ah…Germany has the same electrical outlets as us, right?Image

The moment I took the electrical outlet conversion adapter with me for no reason.
There were plenty of power outlets in both Germany and Austria, so charging was not a problem.

​ ​
SELTERS CLASSIC water that you often see when staying at a hotel in Germany.
It’s a glass bottle.
It is provided free of charge.
So it’s a bit difficult to carry around.
If you brought a tumbler, etc., we recommend carrying the water with you.
It’s carbonated water.
In Korea, it is always provided free of charge during your stay, right?

In Europe, services vary from hotel to hotel, so be sure to check with the lobby.
1) Always free
2) Provided once only, fee charged upon request for refill


I booked the accommodation through Agoda and it was around 100,000 won.
She said breakfast was included.
Please note that prices change frequently!

A unique feature of European hotels.

Usually in Korea, there are electric pots so you can boil water for coffee or tea, but on this trip, there were many places without electric pots.
There were cases where there was no electric pot but a coffee machine.
There were many hotels that didn’t even have electric pots or coffee pots.
Plepping’s Hotel had a capsule coffee machine.
The question here is… then how do you drink tea?

I was curious, but didn’t use it.

It was after 8pm and the thought of going out alone was bothersome.
I didn’t even eat dinner and just slept.

When I came down to the lobby to have breakfast, the staff in front of the restaurant served me a raspberry smoothie!
​ ​

The best breakfast during this entire trip.
I was really satisfied.
The hotel included breakfast!
​ Frankfurt Metropolitan by Fleming’s
I sat in the window seat.
Because it was early, there were not many people on the street.

​ ​
Fruits and drinks are available in the lobby for guests to use for free.
In particular, hotels in Germany and Austria often provide free fruits like this.
Fleming’s was the only place that even offered flat peaches.
I think it would be a good idea to take some fruit with you and walk around.

I headed to Central Station to go to Berlin.
In the next post, I will tell you about my trip to Berlin!

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