Recommended for those who like Florence marinara soup


The biggest problem while traveling in Italy with children was food.

Adults eat it for experience even if it is not tasty, but children eat it a few times and stop eating it if it is salty and not tasty.

I’m not used to restaurant culture, and sometimes I wonder why I have to pay the waiter’s attention, and I feel stressed every time I choose a restaurant because I’m not satisfied with the amount I pay.

​I decided to eat only local food, but I got tired of it.

To improve the quality of my trip, I went to Giaogiao Chinese restaurant, which is recommended by many people in Florence.

First of all, it was nice that I didn’t have to worry about restaurant etiquette or waiters because it was like a highway rest area where you order at a kiosk without a waiter and receive orders by number.

​It didn’t have a strong Chinese flavor, so it suited my taste.

Maybe that’s why there were more Westerners at the table.

There were many local female students.

​Among them, the menu that my kids were crazy about is pictured below.

The taste is just like malatang.

I liked malatang in Korea too, and I ate it because I was told it was better than in Korea.

​The kids said they would eat it again the next day, so the adults went to the central market and ate steak and bought it for the kids.

​I recommend it to those who like malatang.

It was a level 1 Korean dish that was perfect for kids to eat.

​I tried malatang again in another city, and it was completely Chinese style there.

So I had a lot left over, but this place emptied even the soup.

​I was glad that the kids were so excited after eating this.

It’s funny to eat a marathon in Italy, but isn’t feeling good the priority?​.