Recommended accommodation near Termini Station in Rome

After traveling to Paris, Italy for two weeks, I tried many different accommodations, but I can’t forget the accommodation I stayed near Termini Station, so I’m sharing it with you. I had a hard time throughout my trip to Italy because there were many places without elevators, but this place had an elevator, and most of all, the owner was really nice. Check-in They let you store your luggage for free before and after, and the accommodation was very clean and the shower facilities were state-of-the-art. If you take a shortcut from the station, it takes 2 minutes. When traveling to the south and taking the metro, all trains pass through Termina, so you can get to the Colosseum, Vatican, and Trevi within 10 minutes. It takes two stops, so it’s convenient to hang out at the Trevi Fountain at night and then take the bus to Hanbang. I recommend it because it’s the cleanest and most comfortable place. I heard the atmosphere isn’t that great because it’s near the station, but there are a lot of good restaurants nearby, and if you go to the cafe where train crews go across from the station, it’s really cheap. There are many cafes. The most convenient thing is that you can take the airport train from Termina and go back and forth to the airport easily in less than 30 minutes. It costs 14 euros.

the way, this is not an advertisement. I paid my own money and stayed there haha.

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