Pullman London St Pancras reviews

First of all, I chose it because of the good location.
A station within walking distance
st pancras
King’s Cross
There are three locations, all within 10 minutes.

Why is this important?
I’m on schedule
There was Harry Potter Studio, Greenwich, and Edinburgh.
Harry Potter: Euston Station – Watford Junction 20 minutes, shuttle 15 minutes
Greenwich: St. Pancras – Greenwich 20 minutes (Thames Link)
Edinburgh: King’s Cross – Edinburgh Waverly 4:30 minutes

In addition, it is good to use Thames Link when going to Tate Modern or Borough Market because you can travel quickly.
Instead of going around the bus or subway, go straight.

Anyway, it is a place with good transportation.
Not far from the city center
It’s also good to go to Regent’s Park, Primrose Hill, and Camden Market.

There is a library next to the hotel, and the free exhibitions are also worth seeing.

Since it’s near the station, there’s a Marks & Spencer food hall near Euston Station or St Pancras, so it’s a good place to buy groceries.
There are also chain stores such as Nandos and Five Guys.
There is also Pret A Manger right across the street.
Restaurants where you can line up, like Roti King and Half Cup, are also close by.
The coffee at the cafe next to the library is delicious.
There is a laundromat if you walk across the street.

The photo below is not a Pullman hotel.Image


Breakfast isn’t fancy, but it has everything you need.
There are a lot of things.
Coffee tastes much better if you order it separately instead of serving it from a kettle.
They give it to you separately in a cup.Image


This is the cafe
It’s an origin, but I liked the flat white.Image


The photos of the hotel room are all because there are kids there;;
It’s just small and not that great, but the air conditioner works well and that’s okay haha.
I thought it was okay because I made a reservation for 70 won for 3 nights.
I changed my flight schedule at the last minute and added 1 night, so it was 34 ㅠㅠ
In the end, I ended up staying for around 26 per night.
She didn’t see a big difference between including the breakfast and the non-pauna, so I decided to include it.
Although I am a member under Accor, other sites are cheaper than the official website.
It wasn’t a membership price.

Even though it wasn’t very friendly, the service was good.
It was nice to go to many places.
I heard there are three Premier Inns and a Hilton nearby.
Still, the location and service are better than Premier Inn.
There wasn’t much difference in price, so I just solved it, and I think I did a good job.

I’m in Edinburgh now
It’s truly a different world.
I highly recommend you visit Edinburgh!

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