Pisa Tower parking lot stolen

I continued to keep an eye on it.

Today, I parked in the Pisa Tower parking lot on Google Maps, but I parked in the back where there is no CCTV, and between 11 AM and 3 PM, 3 suitcases and even my bag and passport were stolen.

I took it with the keyhole broken, so please be careful everyone and contact us if you have seen this carrier at Pisa.

2 Samsonite and 1 American Tourist.

Pisa, Parcheggio a Pagamento, Piazza Andrea del Sarto.

Never park here.

After I lost it, my husband asked some North African people selling things on the street nearby if they had seen their passports, and they said they didn’t have any luggage with them.

(I didn’t even ask about the carrier)We were at the Pisa police station, and while we were there for an hour, people kept coming, including people who had been pick-pocketed, people whose car windows had been broken, and people whose cars had been stolen.

Everyone please be careful.