Paris hotel recommendations 1st district

The hotel I stayed at is Normandy Le Chantier.
It was like a 3 star hotel and I was shocked at first.
Unlike the Agoda photo, there is no view and half of it is under construction.
I wondered if he was somewhere like this.
The staff is friendly and there are spots to take pictures of your life.
Butut Hotel’s unique sensibility.
It’s worth a visit for those who like taking pictures
It’s a 5-minute cut from the Louvre. The Eiffel Tower and Etoile are also a 30-minute walk away, so I don’t go there except on tour days.
I walked around
I was able to see the Louvre without anyone… haha, early morning emotions.
The sun rises late in Paris. There are a lot of people jogging in the morning.
I recommend bringing simple exercise clothes and running for a walk.
When did I jog in the Louvre in my life?

Actually, I am staying for 5 nights, so I made a reservation keeping in mind a place that is close to the place.It is a superior double type and is on the second floor.
There was no view at all anyway, so it was nice because it was closer.The room is spacious and so new that it has a bit of a new smell.. haha
There was a bottle of water provided, and I bought it all for 3 nights.
There’s a convenience store right in front, a Starbucks, and lots of cafes and places to eat.
There are many^^The shower gown and slippers were really soft and warm.
The bedding is good, especially the pillows. But sadly, the floor height is high and the windows are big.
It was so cold. I thought I was the first guest in this room.
The heater wasn’t on at all, so it became comfortable to live in by the time I checked out.
The next customer will be fine..ㅠㅡㅡㅠThe bathroom is unnecessarily large. There is a separate toilet next to it. There is no bidet.
There is a hair dryer and vegan amenities.
It’s messy because I took pictures on the last day.
The first day’s setting was pretty.This is what the hotel lobby looked like…
So there are a lot of photo shoots during fashion week.
Every night, models who look 2 meters tall are in the lobby.
You were always there…
Please take a lot of photos with you here haha.
It was done in a complete studio style.Inside that green light is a bed. ㅡㅡ.$It’s a breakfast restaurant and seems to run a crepe shop during the day.
If you ask for an omelet or egg dish, please do it and bring it to me. Simple fruit bread salad and granola.
Fresh fruit juice coffee… Here it is
Take a photo of your life here too
There was a glass area behind me, so I sat there and took the picture.
It was so pretty. Of course, I took pictures of others.
Because he is ex-married…hahahahahahaha
Still, it’s so cute​​
The second hotel is just an Airbnb.
I came here because I couldn’t give up both the view and the shopping.
The room condition is great haha.
But you can only see the top of the Eiffel…ㅠㅡㅠIt’s on the 5th floor.
But it’s a really old building, so you need a key.
Push to open by hand
You can experience the old elevator
It’s safe and there’s a guard.
The best thing is the location. For people like me who don’t have time.
(I’ll edit it – it’s not next to the department store, it’s next to Zara haha
The price range wasn’t bad either.

A person named Thomas came to check in.
Seriously, what a Leon vibe.
I was exhausted after about 30 minutes lol.
Still, how can there be an open balcony?
This is fine for me.. this is the name
Point-Of-View Champs ElyseesI will pick you up right away the way you were broken. Today was a very difficult day.It’s the front door, so you have to turn the key twice. Even though I practiced with Thomas several times, it’s still hard. I’m so scared that I can’t go out haha.Don’t be surprised, the bathroom haha, but it’s actually clean.
It feels like a really old residential-commercial complex..It’s the kitchen. There’s nothing to write about.Yes, the bed has a blanket haha.No, I was given the 5th floor of a 6-story building, but I could only see the top of the Eiffel.
Is this a true story? Hahahaha.
But there is a balcony
I’m just trying to be satisfied, but my heart is breaking again here.I can see Louis Vuitton in the distance.. haha
The Arc de Triomphe is close, but there is magic that cannot be seen..ㅠㅠ
I guess I walk to and from nearby places.
I like buying and eating delicious food near my accommodation.
If I had more time, I went to Montmartre.
I want to stay for two or three days.

Anyway, the security is very good and everyone is friendly.
To the extent that I think it’s overly friendly.
Whenever I make eye contact, everyone smiles. I’m in Paris right now.
It’s really nice except for the cold weather^^

It’s difficult because there are too many accommodations, and the cost of accommodation has risen too much.
I’m posting this to help you.
Everything was set between 30 and 35 per night.^^
Safety first, tourism and shopping second. Haha.
Then everyone, make a good choice and have a nice trip.

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