[Paris] 8th arrondissement Hotel Haussmann Saint Augustin hotel reviews

I would like to share a recommendation and review of the accommodations I stayed in while traveling to Paris in November of this year.

▶Accommodation name: Haussmann Saint Augustin (Haussmann Saint Augustin/Haussmann Saint Augustin)
▶Number of stays: November 18 – November 26 (8 nights)
▶Location: District 8 (Zone 1)
▶Price: 1,874,957 won for 8 nights + city tax approximately 42,973 won
(We were lucky enough to see a special price for a triple room, so we booked it at a slightly cheaper price.)

▶Meals and cooking status
-No breakfast request
-There is an electric pot and capsule machine in the room, but they are not used.
-There is a supermarket and cafe near the hotel, so I bought a simple breakfast and snacks.

▶Whether there is a bathroom (shower room) or not
-There is a bathtub instead of a shower and there is a glass partition.
-Water leaked under the bathtub, so I put the towel I cleaned after showering on the leaking area.
-Plenty of towels, toilet paper rolls, and toilet paper
-Toilet seat is high
-There are bathroom amenities, but bring your own for personal use.

▶Facilities and cleanliness
-The hotel itself is clean, but there are stains on the floor carpet and fabric chairs.
-The bedding is clean and the room is always cleaned neatly.
-No smell from bathroom towels
-There are capsule machines, electric kettles, hair dryers, refrigerators, safes, and bathroom amenities, but no slippers (use Asiana in-flight slippers).
-There is a closet, but it is too small for 2 people.
-There is an elevator and 2 adults can ride with 2 suitcases.
-All drinks and snacks in the refrigerator are chargeable.
-There are many electrical outlets everywhere.
-There was a heating switch, so I turned it on, but I wasn’t sure if it was working (the room wasn’t cold).
-No bad bugs!

▶Internal Rules
-Similar to a regular hotel, nothing special
-Pay a deposit of 1 euro through Travel Wallet when checking in, and the deposit of 1 euro will be refunded after checking out.
(It seems that the refund is made automatically, not by the staff. When I arrived in Korea, I checked that the deposit was received in the Travel Wallet app.)
-Pay city tax when checking out

▶Friendliness of the staff
-Each staff member is kind, but overall they are friendly.

▶Surrounding environment
-There is a franprix (pronounced mart and written as super) right across from the hotel, so it’s great for buying quick snacks.
-There is a kindergarten next to the hotel, so you can see children going to school on weekday mornings and hear them chattering around lunch time.
-There are two subway stations near the hotel.
-It is close to the Elysee Palace, so if you walk a short distance to the tourist attraction, there are armed soldiers and police, so you feel psychologically safe.
-It’s not scary because at least 3 or 4 people pass by even at night.
-On weekdays, you can see a lot of office workers going to work or out for lunch, and on weekends, you can see people jogging.
-I used Bolt taxi and it was easy to board and get off in front of the hotel.

-Honestly, until I made the reservation, I wasn’t sure if I had gotten it right because there weren’t many reviews.
When I arrived and traveled to Paris, I found the location of the accommodation to be very good.
I praise myself for finding a good place to stay with my friend.
-The accommodation is right in the middle of the tourist attractions, so you can walk to most tourist attractions (instead, when returning to the accommodation, I took a taxi because my legs hurt).
-It’s not a busy area, but there are a fair amount of people passing by on the streets, so it’s safe.
-The room is clean and clean, and when you check out, the staff asks if you want to leave your luggage there first.

-When I made the reservation, it was for 2 single beds and 1 sofa bed, but when I arrived, I was disappointed to find that it was a built-in bed instead of a sofa bed.
I needed a comfortable place to sit like a sofa, but the built-in bed was so high that it was difficult to sit on.
I just use it to hang clothes.
-I thought water was free, but when I looked at the price tag on the refrigerator door, it seemed like I had to buy water.
Instead, you can use the water purifier in the lobby on the first floor for free.
-The closet is too narrow, so I hang clothes on the door handle, the corner of the mirror, and the TV.
-There doesn’t seem to be a set room cleaning time.
I came into the accommodation around 2pm on the first day and it hadn’t been cleaned, but after a while, someone came in to clean it.
12 o’clock on other days?
It looks like they came to clean around 11 o’clock on the day of check-out.

▶What kind of accommodation would someone like?
-Those who want cost-effective accommodation
-Those who want to walk to tourist attractions

-4/4.5 points

There don’t seem to be many reviews of Haussmann Saint Augustin on Travel, so I’m posting a review to recommend it.
Of course, there are many better hotels than the one I stayed in, but this was a hotel with many advantages for the price 🙂

Most tourist attractions can be reached on foot, and the safety is also good.
Below, we’ve outlined the route we took on foot to tourist attractions while staying in downtown Paris, which I think may be useful as a reference.
Since it was within walking distance to the tourist attractions, I walked around a lot and my back and legs hurt afterward ㅜ_ㅜ
I just steamed my back with the hot pack I brought with me in case it was cold 🙂

And room cleaning tip culture!
On the first day, I stopped by the accommodation around 2pm and ran into the cleaning lady. I was too lazy to leave, so I gave her 5 euros in cash (it was the smallest amount of cash I had…) and she loved it… hahahahahaha The next day. I left a 1.5 euro tip, but seeing that you didn’t take it, I thought tipping culture wasn’t required… So I only left a 2 euro tip on the last day (you probably took it).

Hotel photos are attached below.
Please understand that this wasn’t taken on the first day, so our luggage is lying around.

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