Obertraun Haus am See owner beware of deception~~~

I made a reservation for 2 nights at Haus am See and checked in around 3pm. The entrance to the hotel seemed to be very favorable towards Korea.
He also showed me a model of a Korean Air airplane that was placed in the decoration cabinet.
We clearly said we don’t eat breakfast.
I spoke clearly so that my daughter and I could understand.
However, they did not show the details of 72 euros and said it was a city tax.
I had him sign it, and the receipt included breakfast details.
There wasn’t. Once I signed it, I thought it was strange and told my husband.
I contacted Agoda and asked them to find out.
It includes 60 euros of breakfast for two days.
It wasn’t on the receipt they showed us. The next morning, we went for a walk around the neighborhood and went to breakfast.
I ran into him on the way out, but he didn’t even tell me to eat breakfast. He just looked at me and I felt something strange. It was that afternoon.
I found out about the situation. On the morning of the second day, I went to the front of the room.
He came to visit me, talked to me, and asked for a refund, and he signed.
They said they couldn’t return it, so I went down to check out.
The man wasn’t the owner, but his wife was at the counter, so I told her about the situation and she said no, so I had no choice that morning.
After breakfast time, I ate the leftovers and left.
I felt really bad
When signing the receipt, be sure to check carefully to see if the requested information is reflected correctly. Obertraun is a very good place.
The image has been tarnished due to the hotel owner’s greed.
I’m sorry~~~
Please check carefully when checking in~~~~

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