Murano Island glass workshop experience center

helloI would like to introduce you to a glass workshop that I enjoyed while traveling to Venice, Italy.

This is a place my child searched for and came to.

It became a better memory than I expected.

It’s called Ferro toso laboratorio artigiano on the island of Murano, and the owner was nice and kind.

It’s not cheap, but I think it’s better to make it yourself and keep it as a souvenir rather than just buying it on the street.

I asked to choose one because I could try out things like necklaces, earrings, and keyrings (?).

I made the necklace for 15 euros.

After I fit the cut glass pieces(?) into a round frame and design the color and shape I want, the owner heats it, cools it, and then serves it to me.

After making it, I had to wait about 40 minutes, so I took a walk around the area and came back.

The workshop is not large, so you may have to wait if there are a lot of people, but it was quiet when we went.

If you have the chance, I think it would be a good idea to go there once.