Munich Ibis Muenchen City Arnulfpark ibis Muenchen City Arnulfpark reviews

Accommodation photos
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Accommodation name:
Ibis Muenchen City Arnulfpark Ibis Muenchen City Arnulf Park
Number of stays:
2 nights, 0813-0815
Location (How to get there):
Take tram number 16 or 17 from Munich Central Station or Munich Central Station Nord and
get off at marsstraße, then
walk for 1-2 minutes.
I think it was around 110,000-120,000 won per day?!
It was a place I found in a bit of a hurry…
Meals and cooking:
I don’t think cooking is allowed, but I’m not sure. There’s no refrigerator, no electric kettle, no tea, etc.
I bought breakfast one day, and although it wasn’t very varied, it was nice to have a waffle corner.
Bathroom (shower) availability:
Bathroom available.
Usually, it is enough for an average Asian man or woman to shower, but reviews say that the shower booth is narrow for people weighing around 100 kilograms.
It actually seems plausible.
Large people need to take this into consideration.
Amenities include body and shampoo all-in-one products.
No slippers.
I don’t know because I don’t have any use for it.
WiFi available.
Facilities and cleanliness:
Very good first impression.
For a 2-star rating, the condition is good.
I think it’s okay because it’s a chain!
Internal rule:
Breakfast starts at 6:30.
One 250ml bottle of carbonated water and one bottled water each.
Friendliness of the staff:
The reception, breakfast, and staff are very friendly, but when I went out and put a tag on the doorknob to request room make-up, I saw that it wasn’t available.
However, after 7 p.m., there was a knock on the door and an employee came in to ask if I needed anything… I guess I was lying down because I couldn’t hear clearly (I thought they were banging in the next room…) and came in because no one answered.
It seemed like it took a long time or was done late because it was on the 6th floor. The building was clean and everything was nice, but this was a bit disappointing.
Who is visiting at this hour…
Surrounding environment:
Close to tram stop.
There were apartments in front, so it was nice and quiet.
There is Subway a short walk away.
Quiet and pretty good for a 2-star hotel.
Waffles were delicious ☺️ The view was better than I expected because it was on the 6th floor and had a good view of the sky.Image

Nothing special around there.
Well, there are no major drawbacks.
Who would like this accommodation?
A decent, clean and quiet room.
How would you rate it?

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