Mercure Paris Opéra Garnier Hôtel & Spa

As someone who changes hotels almost every night on any given trip,
I tried 4 hotels during this 6-night Paris itinerary.
The reason I only write reviews of Mercure Paris Opera Garnier
Because only this hotel had different reviews and reality.

There were many reviews about this hotel saying “the rooms are small” and “the water pressure is weak.”
In my experience, it wasn’t like that at all.

Of course, it may be considered small compared to 4-star hotels in other countries (especially Mercure in other countries), but
The area was not much different from other 4 stars in Paris.
I also stayed at the same Ibis hotel, and it was definitely more spacious than the 3-star Ibis.
What’s strange is that on the hotel’s official website, the area is listed as 12 square meters, just like Ibis.
I went there expecting it to be cramped, but was surprised at how spacious it was.
I feel like it’s about 15 square meters.

When I go to a hotel, I always check the emergency information map that shows the room size and layout as well as the overall structure of the building.
According to this guide, the room I stayed in was not particularly large or structured differently than other classic rooms.
(The room was not upgraded either)
Nevertheless, there was enough space to fit one more double bed.
Therefore, I think the review that the room was small was probably coming from someone who has not been to other 4-star hotels in Paris and compared them to hotels in Korea or Southeast Asia.

And water pressure!!!!
All four hotels I experienced were fine, with no water pressure issues.
In particular, Mercure was particularly good to the point that I thought both the water pressure and temperature were very good.
(Of course, I was on the lower floor, the 3rd floor)

In fact, it is not near the opera (of course, the opera is also within walking distance).
It’s near Saint-Lazare station.
Is it because the reviews are bad?
There is almost no price difference from Ibis (3 stars).

But the breakfast is completely different.
Ibis breakfast is good enough that it’s hard to believe it’s free.
Not only does Mercure have a lot more types of bread, fruit, and ham, but they also serve omelettes and salmon.
I can’t help but think that this is a grade difference.

Elevators are also different sizes haha.
(ibis sleeps 2, Mercure sleeps 10)

For those of you who are thinking about Mercure, don’t worry about the bad reviews and go with Mercure haha.

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