London Paris Barcelona hotel reviews

I wasn’t able to take pictures of the hotel because I was busy with the kids.

When I searched cafes and Naver Go, I heard that European accommodations were very cold, so I was nervous and packed my pajamas, but the accommodations I went to were warm enough to make me sweat haha.
The locations of the hotels I went to were really good too!
I remember having a hard time with the hotel location during my first overseas trip, so I always chose the location as my top priority, and the location was good and the conditions were good.
They say there are cases of items being stolen during cleaning, but we didn’t have a single item missing!

london – thistle london trafalgar square
Thistle Trafalgar Square

The location was great and the room was spacious so I had a comfortable stay.
I had some documents left in Korea, but they were free to print, so that’s great 😆
Like the reviews said, there was mold growing on the bathroom ceiling, but it didn’t matter.
The only amenities provided were shampoo, body wash, and soap.
And breakfast was free for children under 12 years old.

paris – hotel bleu de grenelle
Hotel Bleu de Grenelle

It was in front of the station, so it was very convenient!
Google Maps sometimes shows the wrong exit, but just take exit 1, cross the crosswalk, and voila!
The hotel and the rooms are small.
Still, the location was good
The bathroom was spacious for us, but looking at the reviews, it seems like the other rooms are a bit small.
The downside is that the shower space is a bit small.
Even if you are careful, all the water comes out.
Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand wash and hand cream were available in large quantities.
The strange thing is that they gave me a sewing kit!

barcelona – catalonia square hotel
Catalonia Square Hotel


I only managed to take the last photo of Catalonia Square Hotel in Barcelona.
When I checked in, champagne fruit water was set on the table as standard.
The bellboy said it’s all free
They said that starting tomorrow, water will also have to be charged. Haha.
We have shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothbrush, soap, etc!
(no razor only)
There is a 24-hour supermarket next to the hotel and a department store supermarket right across from the hotel!
(until 9 o’clock)

The heaters were on full blast in all three of the armholes, so I didn’t feel cold~

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