[London] London Presidential Apartments, Kensington/ London Presidential Apartments, Kensington


I was curious about what was in the accommodation and what the reviews were on the internet.
There weren’t as many reviews for this accommodation as I thought. ㅜㅜㅜ

So, I will write it down in detail haha!!!
​ ​
The bell boy came down right away because I was whimpering with my suitcase.
You helped me carry my luggage haha

All the staff are friendly.
First of all, our option was one that had a kitchen with cooking facilities, a washing machine, a dishwasher, and a refrigerator.

A deposit of £100 is required when checking in (no cash. Only card.)
And after payment, they keep the receipt for themselves and even show me how they keep it.
If you hand over the same card when checking out,
they will cancel your card payment and show you everything in detail right in front of your eyes!

Once the deposit is paid, you will be given two card keys for the designated room.
When we made a reservation through Agoda, we wrote down that we didn’t want a basement room, and were assigned a first floor room.
The lobby, hallways, and stairs are all carpeted, so there is no noise from walking or lugging suitcases.
We have never been noisy!!

The bellboy carried my suitcase.
He explained how to use the card key in the room.
Insert the card into the slot until you hear a slight click.
If you wait one second and take out your card, a green light comes on and the door opens!
We were a little frustrated because we didn’t know, but they kindly let us know.

​ ​
From now on, I will tell you what is and is not in the room!
I forgot to take a picture of the inside, so I don’t have any pictures of the inside.
This is based on the room I stayed in~~~

The inside is just a regular hotel…?
It was the same
The floor was like a wooden floor, not a carpet.
Perhaps because of the culture of wearing shoes,
There are no bathroom slippers or indoor slippers.

The hotel cleaning system has a do no disturb sign on the doorknob, right?
Because it’s that system, it’s not difficult. If you want to clean it, just hang it on the clean side and go out.
I don’t know the day cleaning was requested, just in case.
Important things in the suitcase (pad, game console, cash, etc.)
I put everything in and locked the carrier with its own lock.
Nothing was lost hahahaha

There is a large refrigerator, and there is an ice cube tray in the freezer.
There are no scissors, there are knives, there are plenty of bowls of all sizes, and there are cups.
There are spoons, forks, and knives, but of course there are no chopsticks.
There is a dishwasher, but we didn’t need to use it.
There was also kitchen detergent when I opened all the drawers.
Actually, I’m not sure if it’s kitchen detergent or dishwasher detergent.
I just wrote it lol
There are no dishcloths or scrubbers.
I just used the Billy disposable dishcloth I brought separately.
There is an oven, and there is drawer space under the oven.
If you don’t have a frying pan, pot, etc., open them too.

There is a washing machine in the kitchen, but there is no laundry detergent or fabric softener.
There is a clothes drying rack ~

There are two hand and body washes, and there is shampoo. It didn’t lather well, so we used the one we brought. There was no hairbrush, and the toilet was a little small. There were no slippers in the bathroom.
Body wash towel??
What’s the name of it? A towel for washing your body.. hahaha.
Anyway, I don’t have that!
No toothpaste, no toothbrush, any amenities..?
It’s poor ㅜㅜ
The towels are a bit loose, but if you want to replace them with new ones, leave them on the floor and ask for a clean room to change them for you.

There were no screens on the windows, the house was warm, and I didn’t know how to operate the boiler.
But I didn’t really ask, there’s one in the bathroom and one at the head next to the bed.
There is no air conditioning or fan
There is a dressing table, a closet, and a hanger. When you open the closet, it smells a bit musty.
We left the Lush bath bomb in there… There’s a safe in the closet.
There is a hair dryer ~
There is an outlet, so you have to bring a conversion adapter.
If you want to write multiple long messages, take a multitap with you.
There is a table… It’s really sticky…ㅜㅜ
Just like us, bring a dishcloth or wet tissue and wipe it thoroughly.. haha..
It was wiped black~ Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
But no matter which restaurant I go to in London, the tables are dirty…hehe.

There is a TV, of course it’s all British channels, but there are no sports channels (soccer) on the TV.. haha.
There’s a trash can… and a shoe rack…
For now, this is all I remember!!

We stayed from 9/24 to 9/29.
The cost is a bit high, so I think I’ll choose a different accommodation next time.
If you are on your honeymoon like us and want to travel comfortably,
You can go almost anywhere to Earl’s Court Underground directly or with one transfer.
The location and facilities are all good, so it’s worth using!

If you have any more questions, please leave a comment!!

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