hotel croce di malta near square of spain rome

It’s a place that doesn’t have many reviews for reservations, but I went there because I had no choice, and it was better than I expected.

The location is right near Plaza de España and there are shopping streets nearby, so it’s safe. Is it a spa?
It’s right near the station, so it’s great for taking the subway.
I have a single room, so the bed is small, but it has air conditioning, the bathroom is clean, and the bed sheets are clean.
The neighborhood is quiet.

The downside is that the key is a medieval key, so it’s a bit difficult to open and lock, and you can hear everything from the next room.
You have to leave your keys with you when you leave. I was worried about theft, but there was no such thing at all. The staff are friendly overall.

It’s a very old-fashioned and unremarkable hotel.
I am sharing this because some people have booked hostels at the same price.

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