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To commemorate the completion of flight/accommodation reservations for an independent trip to Spain/Portugal from January to February 2024, this is a list of hotel recommendations I created to help friends and I choose accommodations.
So far, I have traveled independently to over 20 countries, and fortunately, I have never had a problem choosing an accommodation.
I created my own list of hotels by searching Google ratings, travel reviews, HotelsCombined ratings, and Booking.com.
I hope there is someone who finds it useful.
In the case of Barcelona, ​​the Gothic and Laval districts were said to have poor security at night, so the search focused on areas near Plaza Catalunya or the Eixample district.
Search conditions are around 200,000 won per night/twin bed/Google rating generally 4.5 or higher/neat room condition/there must be an elevator (☆☆☆)/there must be space to spread out two 24-inch suitcases/there must be a shower due to the structure of the shower room It is to the extent that water will not leak out.
The prices below are based on 5 nights at the end of January 2024 (search time: end of August).
Please use this as a reference only.
This is my 4th time in Spain!
Spain is my favorite travel destination!

Part 2 Madrid

Part 3: Granada

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1. Hotel Alimara (470,000 won)
-Where I stayed in the summer of 2018
-It is located far from the city center, but the L3 subway Mundet station is 2 minutes away, so you can get to the center in 20 minutes, and it is convenient to travel by subway or bus (the L3 line passes all tourist attractions).
-The downside is that it is not a central area, so you have to go out to eat (you can take a break at restaurants with long waits if you find lodging near the city…ㅠ)
-The room and bathroom were quite spacious (24m^2)
-You can take the airport bus and then take the subway (round trip, 11.5 euros per person), or take a taxi from the airport for about 25 minutes (about 50,000 won one way).
If you’re going to take the airport bus, Plaza Catalunya is good, but I almost got pickpocketed there, so if I’m going to and from the airport with large luggage, maybe Uber would be better?
-There is an advantage in terms of price

2. h10 madison (1.01 million won)
-Rating 9.3 based on Hotels.com
-4.5 stars
-The service is said to be good, but I don’t know if it’s completely safe at night because it’s in the old Gothic district (it might be noisy?), but the location for sightseeing, such as next to the police station and the cathedral, is good.
-Some say the room is small (22m^2)
-5 minutes walk from Urquinaona Station (L1, L4)

3. The Corner Hotel Barcelona (KRW 940,000)
-20m^2 (KRW 940,000) is an internal patio view, 22m^2 (KRW 1,010,000) is a street view, and 25m^2 (KRW 1,070,000) is a corner room.
-Free cancellation option (cancellation possible up to 18 hours in advance, payment on site) costs approximately 110,000 won more.
-5-7 minutes walk from Passeig de Gràcia
-Rating 9.2 based on Hotels.tum
-The perfect location for sightseeing because it is on Eixample Street. There seem to be many restaurants and cafes around, and it is slightly further away from the main Passeig de Gràcia than other hotels in the Eixample area.

4. h10 Metropolitan (850,000 won)
-14m^2 (KRW 800,000) and 18m^2 (KRW 915,000) have an internal atrium view, and 20m^2 (KRW 998,000) have a street view with a balcony.
-Cancellation charges an additional fee of 80,000 to 100,000 won.
-The best transportation hub, a 2-minute walk from Plaza Catalunya where the airport bus drops off, and within walking distance to the Eixample area, Casa Mila Casa Batlló, etc.
-Wi-Fi doesn’t work well, the bed is creaky, there are reviews of people stealing money left in the safe, and the room interior is old.
-One of the accommodations most chosen by Koreans
-Breakfast is said to be delicious.

5. H10 Universitat (KRW 770,000)
-Near Universitat Station, a 5-minute walk from Plaza Catalunya
-Similarly a transportation hub, suitable for tourism
-Soundproofing issues, it’s very narrow, the bathroom doesn’t close completely which is embarrassing, the breakfast isn’t tasty and the room condition isn’t good, there are reviews on Google Maps where the passport and money were stolen after leaving it in the safe and going out.

6. h10 casanova (740,000 won)
-Close to the University branch above, slightly further away from the main tourist attractions (about 2-3 blocks?)
– It was built in 2006, so it is overall old, and some reviews say that the heating does not work well in the winter.

7. h10 cubik (1.13 million won)
-22m^2 (KRW 1.06 million), 28m^2 (KRW 1.19 million)
-Cancellation costs an additional 60,000 won.
-It’s quiet because it’s slightly away from Las Ramblas, but it’s convenient to get around because it’s near Plaza Catalunya.
-4.5 stars
-The breakfast is said to be good.
-The room condition seems to be okay, but some reviews say that the cheapest classic room is a bit humid because it is on the first floor without windows (the room is said to be spacious when upgraded)
-WiFi doesn’t seem to work well.

8. Room Mate Pow (740,000 won)
-18m^2 (KRW 800,000), 20m^2 (KRW 870,000), 25m^2 and terrace (KRW 980,000)
-Free cancellation seems to cost about 100,000 to 120,000 won more.
-Ideal location as it is near Plaza Catalunya
-They say it’s clean, the breakfast is delicious, and the staff are friendly.
-The cheapest room is 19m^2
-Satisfaction with the 24m^2 deluxe room seems to be high.

9. Sonder Passio de Gracia (870,000 won)
– 5 star hotel
-Among Eixample, it is in a great location, including accessibility from Plaza Catalunya, accessibility to tourist attractions, and accessibility to restaurants, right in front of the subway station.
– In the middle of Passeig de Gràcia, filled with luxury shopping stores
-They say you have to drink water from the water purifier in the hallway.
-Breakfast is said to be delicious.
-You must check in to the hotel in advance, but you must take a photo of each guest’s ID and upload it.
-Casa Batlló 1 minute walk
-Among the reviews, there are complaints about cleaning, there seem to be problems with soundproofing and heating, and some say the mattress is uncomfortable.

10. NH Collection Barcelona Gran Hotel Calderon (KRW 1.1 million)
– Excellent location in Eixample, including accessibility from Plaza Catalunya, accessibility to tourist attractions, and accessibility to restaurants.
-5 star hotel
– Among the Google reviews, there is a review that says a bar teacher came out of the bathroom…(!)

11. Hotel Pulitzer Barcelona (990,000 won)
– 2 minutes away from Plaza Catalunya and Las Ramblas, convenient to move around
– Some reviews say the room is small, but others say it’s spacious, and they say you can put your suitcase on the floor and go back and forth.
– Some say the water pressure is weak
– It is said that on certain days of the week, you can hear music and people walking around on the rooftop until 10:30 p.m. There are also reviews that say you can hear noise during protests in the square.

12. Catalonia La Pedrera (640,000 won)
– Villa de Gracia Street (The YouTube Barcelona guide recommends this area if you stay in Barcelona for more than 5 days. It has a slightly old town feel and is full of restaurants, cafes, and select shops)
-Close to the subway and quiet neighborhood (some reviews say the soundproofing of the rooms is disappointing)
-It is said that you can go to any point in the city by subway and bus.
Casa Mila Casa Batlló is a 10-minute walk away, and Sagrada Familia is a 10-minute walk away.
-There is a review that a backpack was stolen from the lobby inside the hotel.
-There is a review that the bathrooms and other facilities are old.
-I saw a few reviews saying it was cold in the winter.
-WiFi doesn’t seem to work well.

13. Hotel Catalonia Catedral (KRW 990,000)
-I’m not sure if it’s completely safe at night because it’s the Gothic District, Google rating 4.6/5, opposite Barcelona Cathedral
-Recent reviews say that even though it is in the Gothic District, it is quiet at night.
-The staff seem friendly.
-Many reviews say it is clean
-Wi-Fi seems to be disconnected easily

14. HCC Regente (800,000 won, breakfast included, free cancellation in Hana Tour)
– Located in the middle of Eixample, Casa Mila and Casa Batlló, 4 minutes walk from each (convenient transportation), many restaurants nearby
– Carpet in the room (do you like it or not?)
-It is said that the lower floors do not receive much sunlight due to the surrounding buildings.
The 7th floor seems to have a good view (cost varies depending on the view. You need to check the website)
-One winter review said the room was not warm enough.
-Reviews say room walls are thin, wifi is disconnected

15. hotel condes de barcelona (990,000 won)
-Free cancellation if done on the official website
-Price based on public homepage: 23m^2 (KRW 1.07 million), 25m^2 (KRW 1.27 million)
-Agoda non-refundable standard 990,000 won, 1.18 million won
-Google rating 4.8/5
-Optimal location, on Passeig de Gràcia street, between Casa Batlló and Casa Mila.
-Service seems to be good
-The room is said to be spacious compared to other bathrooms.
-Is there a difference between a good room and a bad room?
Among the reviews, I saw that the toilet rattled and water leaked on the floor while taking a shower.
-Old building
-Minibar replenished with complimentary water and pineapple juice
-It is said that if you go up to the rooftop bar, you can see the Holy Family Cathedral and Casa Mila.

16. Occidental diagonal 414 (890,000 won)
– Located between Sagrada Familia and Casamilla, both are about a 10-minute walk away.
– I saw about 2 reviews saying there was a smell from the pipes.
-It seems like a design boutique hotel.
-The rooftop view looks great.
-The subway station is right nearby, and one review said that they felt the vibration of the subway passing from the 3rd floor.

17. Ona Hotels Mosaic (KRW 670,000)
-Between Casa Mila and Casa Batlló, convenient transportation, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. nearby
-Recent remodeling
-The room is said to be small, and one review says that it is impossible to open a suitcase (should I choose a room with a larger size?)
-3 stars
-It is said that there is no wardrobe, only visible hangers.
-There is a review from a year ago that it was stolen.
A safe is a must wherever you stay…

18. Hotel Well & Come (800,000 won)
-Between Sagrada Familia and Casa Mila, each a 10-minute walk away
-There is a subway station nearby.
-Soundproofing seems to be good.
-Google rating 4.6/5, many good reviews overall
-There are many reviews saying that the room is quite spacious, but the smallest is 20m^2.

19. h10 Urquinaona Plaza (880,000 won)
-Basic room area not listed (KRW 800,000), 18m^2 (KRW 900,000), 22m^2 and terrace (KRW 1.16 million),
-If you cancel, it seems like an additional fee of 44,000 to 60,000 won will be charged.
-5 minutes walk from Plaza Catalunya
-There are many markets, restaurants, and cafes right next door.
-Good location for city sightseeing
-Recommended in reviews of rooms with terraces
-No bathtub
-The bathroom smelled and there was towel dust on the towels?
There is a review saying that
-The room seems small (does it say 18m^2? I don’t know Spanish…)

20. h10 art gallery (790,000 won)
-25m^2 (KRW 730,000), quiet 25m^2 terrace (KRW 855,000), deluxe double room (KRW 980,000), deluxe 26m^2 terrace (KRW 1.14 million)
-Free cancellation seems to cost about 55,000 won more.
-4.5 stars, good location as it is near the Eixample area and Passeig de Gràcia
-Some discounts available if you go to the official website (this applies to all H10 series)
-There is a piece of modern art in the lobby.

21. Alexandra Barcelona Hotel Curio Collection by Hilton (KRW 1.08 million)
-Between Casa Mila and Casa Batlló, 1 block away from Casa Mila
-If you go to Hilton’s official website, you may get a discount for consecutive nights.
-Has a large bathtub

22. The hoxton, poblenou hotel (comment recommendation)
-It is a 4-star hotel, good value for money, and it is said to be new and clean since it just opened.
-I heard the rooftop view was good.
-Located somewhat far from major tourist attractions, but well connected to the subway

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