Granada day 6 record

Now I’ve done enough to tour Granada, and after seeing the cathedral, which was the last priority, I’m going to take a good rest and go see Planmengo this evening.

​What is this? It’s amazing.

In fact, it seems to be better than Gaudi’s cathedral.

The app is also available in Korean for free.

It’s worth the 5 euros.

If I do it wrong, I almost won’t be able to see it.

​I returned to the hotel and took a late nap.

In the reviews, it is said that people get sleepy because it is a night performance.

There are many flamenco performance venues in Granada, and Diaendos restaurant? I looked for a flat area nearby, but I found a restaurant and performance venue on the hillside of the mountain recommended by my accommodation.

​Two male and female dancers, two male and female singers, and one guitarist perform for one hour.

It’s pricey, but it’s a performance worth remembering.

​I’m sleepy so I’ll write again later.