Frankfurt Fleming’s Express

✔️Accommodation photosImage

I didn’t take any pictures of the interior, but since it is a hotel where many Koreans stay, there are a lot of pictures and reviews on Naver blogs and cafes.
First of all, the photo I uploaded.
I like it because the window is large and doesn’t feel stuffy. However, the view towards the front and top of the window is peaceful, but when you look down…

You can see homeless people, drug dealers, and people screaming and fighting haha

✔️Accommodation name: Frankfurt Fleming’s Express
✔️Number of stays: 10/5 (Thursday) ~ 10/7 (Sat) 3 days and 2 nights

✔️Location (How to get there): 1-2 minutes walk from the exit of Jungang Station
Because it is right in front of the exit, you can quickly move to the accommodation without encountering scary people.
Just make sure to exit!
You must use the McDonald side exit.
(You can find McDonald’s or turn on Google Maps and walk within the station towards a place near your accommodation)

✔️Price: 250,000 won for 2 nights

✔️Meals and cooking:

✔️Availability of bathroom (shower room): Yes.
shower booth

✔️Computer: There is a PC next to the self-check-in kiosk on the first floor, but I don’t know if guests can use it.

✔️Facilities and cleanliness: There are a lot of rooms and it feels like a maze at first.
Clean rooms and bathrooms
There is an air conditioner, but I don’t know if there is a heater.
The bed cushion was adequate so I slept comfortably.
But it said it was a double room, but there were two single beds side by side slightly apart.
For us who came after a long flight, it was actually nice to be able to sleep comfortably by ourselves without having to worry about other people.

✔️Internal rules:Image

If you want daily cleaning because it is not cleaned every day, or if you do not clean but want to change towels every day, please fill out the form and submit it.
I came around 11am and asked if I needed cleaning or towels, but I didn’t pay.

✔️Friendliness of the staff: Maybe because the culture is different, they don’t approach you first.
I waited in the lobby for a long time due to a system error.
There may be other ways to check in, but they just tell you to wait.
But thank you for waiting

✔️Surrounding environment:
Because it is near the central station, there are many factors that cause fear.
Feeling scared even though there is no direct threat
And excessive worry before departure seems to make you feel even more discouraged.
The surroundings are not good, but not to the point of being overly scared.
But when it gets dark, it would be better to stay at the accommodation.
The two of us were always sleeping so deeply that we couldn’t hear each other’s snoring and teeth grinding, so we couldn’t hear each other while sleeping.
I found this out because I couldn’t adjust to the time difference and woke up in the morning in Korea and in the early morning (around 1 o’clock) in Germany.
Thursday night
It was so quiet that I wondered if it was what I had seen in various reviews.
There are no fights or anything like that in the early morning, only homeless people are seen sleeping on the streets.
But Friday night
An unknown Indian song-like sound continues to play without stopping.
There was a lot of fighting in the evening, but there was no sound of fighting at night or early in the morning.

✔️Advantage: Very close to Central Station.

No refrigerator
(If you want to drink beer in your room, we recommend not buying it in advance, but purchasing it on the hotel lobby floor right before drinking. Travel books say that German beer is delicious even when stored at room temperature.)
Noisy on Friday night and early Saturday morning (it’s okay if you close the window, but you can hear it better once you get caught up in the singing)

✔️What type of accommodation would like this?
Frankfurt is okay for one night if you are just visiting.
Or, if you don’t want to take public transportation with luggage.

✔️How would you rate it?
Between B and C?

I chose a location near the central station to catch the train to Munich. If you stay in Germany for more than two days, you will get used to using public transportation, so if you are staying for more than two nights,
If you stay near the Main River, it will be easier to go sightseeing or eating something, and the surrounding environment will be better.
Here, even if you want to go out for dinner, you don’t go out.

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