Best Western Hotel breakfast ㅡAdult 16 Euros Under 11 years old 7.

5Standard hotel breakfast levelThere are slippers and the location is very good.

I don’t recommend it, but I recommend it.


Termini Station – Train to FlorenceI’ll attach a photo / Just trust the train name numbers: 9624 9923Departure time changed due to delay.

Platform set 10 minutes and 5 minutes before.

I don’t even know the location of platform number 21.

Please search in advance.

Where is number 28?There were people running​It shows up well on the Trent app, but it still shows up on the electronic display board.

​Just one ticket – when booking for 3 peopleEnter through the glass entrance one by one by scanning the barcode 3 times.

​After boarding the train, the staff checked again.



The direction of Florence Station to Santa Novella Cathedral is:Train platform glass entrance appears(train behind my back)Left exit from that position​4.

Grand Hotel Baleoni as soon as you come down to the downtown area.

​It’s really close, but I wonder if I really need to stay at a hotel near here.

I like the place further down because I don’t have to worry about dragging my suitcase.

Not badFlorence has a lot of visitors.

You don’t have to be as scared of the security near Termini Station.



​​Osteria Nuvoli Restaurant -Good value for money at around 10 eurosHowever, the phone does not work indoors.

Search outside the menu and enter​​​continue.