Florence weather 10/16, restaurant recommendations

The weather in Florence has become very chilly!Until yesterday, it was hot enough to wear a tank top in the middle of the day, but as of today, it was very windy and the maximum temperature dropped to around 20 degrees.

For those of you coming this week, I think fall clothes will be just right ;)​And be sure to visit a place called San Miniato al Monte.


It’s a place you can find if you go further up Michelangelo Hill, but there aren’t many people and it’s very pretty!​.


And hereIt’s called Osteria Vecchio Vicolo.

I really recommend itVongole ㄹㅇ crazyThe noodles look like raw noodles and are really delicious.

The pizza looked delicious, but I wasn’t able to eat it because I was full.



The gelato at Gelateria dei Neri is delicious!The salted caramel flavor is really delicious!It tastes better here than vivoli, to my taste.

!!But actually, I don’t think it’s important which restaurant you buy the gelato from, but it’s important to choose the right flavor haha.

​If you order things like risotto, pistachio, or chocolate, which are popular items, you will get too wet, so order the greasy menu with fresh fruit like lemon or strawberry.