Florence reviews

I’ve been to Italy twice, but I’ve never been to Florence, so I decided to go to Florence this time.

It’s such a beautiful and lovely city.

^^​Accommodation: Machiavelli Palace Hotel because it had a nice view and the price was reasonable, but I’m a little hesitant about recommending it because the heating isn’t supplied yet, so it was cold, the bathroom was small, and the hair dryer was almost an antique.

Anyway, the view of the bathroom is like this.


The reason there are two domes is that the smaller one is the Duomo, which is further away, and the larger one is the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, which appears large because it is close by.

Now you know why it affects the view haha.

​Ghiberti Ticket: Many people buy Brunellischi tickets, but I didn’t plan on buying them because I didn’t have the confidence to climb the bell tower, the Duomo, or the stairs.

Among the places where all three tickets provide common admission, I was not very impressed even after looking up information on Giovanni’s Baptistery and the basement of the cathedral.

The Opera Museum was absolutely great.

​However, I happened to hear that the observatory of Vecchio’s bell tower was good, so I went there.

They said it had 400 stairs, but it was much shorter than I thought, probably because they were counting from the 0th floor.

The stairs were wide enough for two adults to pass through, and there was a place to rest in the middle, so I went up without difficulty at all.

The view from this place is as shown in the photo below.




I haven’t been to Giotto’s bell tower, so it would be difficult to compare the views, but the Palazzo Vecchio and the Duomo are very close, so the view was fantastic.

If you feel that the stairs to Giotto’s bell tower are burdensome or the ticket price is too much, it would be nice and less difficult to see the Opera Museum + Palazzo Vecchio bell tower.

The cathedral is free.

​Sienna: I went on a day trip by bus and it was good.

The old town literally seemed like a city where time had stopped, with its medieval beauty intact.

The interior of Siena Cathedral is especially impressive.

Very recommended ^^.






Have a nice trip^^.