Everyone must try this in Milan.

To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to eating when I traveled to Europe.

I just look for the closest one nearby -🤪​On this day, I was so hungry after seeing the picture of the Last Supper.

I went to the nearest pizza place and went in.

I tried a dish called ossobuco and was very satisfied 🧡(I searched and found that it was calf shank meat!It’s called Milanese cuisine, but I haven’t seen it in other regions~)​I only spent half a day in Milan and had to fly out.

It’s a shame I couldn’t eat there twice 🥲😂The meat is so soft and delicious.

The risotto was a little salty because I like it bland.

It was full of cheese flavor and so delicious!!​I don’t know the exact name of the menu because I ordered with a photo.

I don’t think the price exceeded 20 euros!!!The other menu items here are generally cheap.

This restaurant was more satisfying than expensive restaurants 🥰.




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