Day 3 of my first European expedition (Barcelona->Granada)

The day of departure from Barcelona to Granada dawned.

Since my flight was late in the afternoon, I decided to take a quick look around the hotel in the morning.


I checked out around 9 a.


and left my luggage at the hotel.

Then head to the nearby Santa Caterina Market.

Perhaps because it was early, it was quiet and nice.

I heard that the famous Boqueria Market is too touristy, so I went to a place that mainly locals visit.

I had a simple breakfast of bread and coffee at a store in the market.




And while I was walking around the Born district, I went to a handmade bag store (PINZAT) that I wanted to visit.

I stopped by while looking online and thought it was unique, but since it is handmade, there is only one design.

There were many bags that used car seatbelts, etc.

as shoulder straps, but I bought one that was a bit more standard(?) for 90 euros.


I went through the Gothic Quarter, Plaza Reial, and Las Ramblas to the Columbus Monument, but it was under construction so it was dusty.

I walked slowly along the beach to Barceloneta Station and looked around.

​From there, I took the subway and returned to the hotel, using up all the remaining T-famillia tickets.

I picked up my luggage at the hotel and took the airport bus to Barcelona Airport.

I didn’t forget the QR code on the airport bus round-trip ticket I purchased two days ago and used it well.

​When we arrived at Barcelona Airport, we packed our luggage to be checked in.

And I was a little worried because Vueling Airlines is notorious(?).

When I scanned the pre-printed plane ticket at the check-in machine, a baggage sticker appeared.

I attached it to my baggage and then used the electronic gun to recognize the sticker at the baggage check-in area, and the baggage went in as is.

It was so simple that I was actually worried.

​There were still about two and a half hours left until my flight, but I went through security in advance to get to the lounge.

After looking around some duty-free shops, I entered the Sala Vip Pau Casals lounge.

My wife and I were able to enter using the Shinhan The Classic S card.

After filling up our stomachs, we go to board the plane!!!.


​There is no guarantee when I will be able to come back, but I am leaving Barcelona on a plane.

And we arrived in the second city, Granada.

There were a lot of stories about Vueling Airlines on the Internet, but we departed on time, arrived 10 minutes earlier than scheduled, and received our luggage without any loss.

It’s like kebab.

​Take the airport bus right in front of Granada Airport and enter the city.

For the airport bus, you can pay 3 euros per person in cash and give it to the driver when boarding.

And I got off in front of Granada Cathedral, which is close to my accommodation, and 90% of the passengers got off here.


The second accommodation is the Anacapri Hotel.

It was 3 stars.

I chose it considering location and cost-effectiveness.

After checking in, it was late so I went out to eat.

​There was a restaurant (Los Manueles Reyes Católicos) near the hotel that had good Google ratings, so I went in, but there were so many people that I could barely get a seat.

When I ordered beer, I got steamed oxtail as a basic tapas.

We ordered an additional paella and ate it.

I enjoyed the braised oxtail and paella.


And I bought a transportation card for the next day at a ticket vending machine at a nearby bus stop.

One Granada transportation card can be used by multiple people, so I only bought one.

We issued a 7 euro bill including a 2 euro deposit.

Every time you ride, it costs 0.

44 euros.

If you pay with cash without a card, it costs 1.

4 euros per time.

(At the time of writing this, we are leaving Granada.

We spent only 3.

52 euros for a total of 8 one-way trips for 3 days and 2 nights between the two of us.



Then, I bought water and snacks for the next day at a small Carrefour nearby, returned to the hotel, and stretched out again.

​To be continued on the next page.