cocoon stachus hotel in munich germany

Accommodation photos
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Accommodation name: cocoon stachus hotel cocoon stachus
Number of stays:
0817-0819 2 nights
Location (How to get there):
4-5 minutes walk from Munich Central Station
About 110,000-120,000 won per night
Meals and cooking:
Not included, cooking not allowed
Whether there is a bathroom (shower room):
There is a bathroom, but the space separation between the toilet and shower booth is a bit ambiguous.
I don’t know because I don’t use it.
Facilities and cleanliness:
Clean, no refrigerator.
There is air conditioning.
Internal rules:
nothing special
Staff friendliness:
Surrounding environment:
It is close to Marien Square and there are many supermarkets and grocery stores nearby.
There are many hotels nearby.
Lidl, Korean Mart, Edeka, Marienplatz, and Central Station are all close.
It was comfortable.
Ambiguous spatial arrangement of shower booth and toilet area.
Who would like this accommodation?
Solo travelers, travelers who care about location.
How would you rate it?
The bathroom toilet space is ambiguous…

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